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Gaining weight during 1st week of 30DS?

My friend and I both gained weight during our first week of the 30DS.  I did it 3 days this week, plus did 30 minutes on the exercise bike twice, and went for a couple of walks...and found that I've gained 1.5 pounds.  Jillian herself says the whole "muscle weighs more than fat" excuse is B.S., so what's the deal?  Anyone else gain weight at first?  I need to hear some success stories, or an explanation, so I can resist the urge to quit the whole thing already!

Re: Gaining weight during 1st week of 30DS?

  • It is most likely water weight.  Finish out the 30 days and i guarantee you will lose inches.   I no longer weigh myself, but go on how I feel, how my clothes fit, and how I look.  If I had to guess I would say that I lost maybe 5lbs by doing the shred, but lost a lot of inches and extra jiggle.
  • i didn't really lose much weight (maybe 3 pounds) doing the 30DS, but i dropped a jean size, so somewhere, something was working! ?if you're losing inches, i wouldn't worry about the actual weight.
  • I don't know how much weight I lost, but I definitely toned up and my jeans are much looser than they were.  It's definitely worth the time and effort it takes, don't give up.
  • Same as pps, I lost very little actual weight, but toned up and lost almost a pant size. It may or may not be the workout causing the fluctuation on the scale. That could be from lots of things.

    Also, if you are new to working out or changing your routine drastically, that could cause a fluctuation. I almost always gain some weight when I up my intensity/change my workout.

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  • Weight loss is more a function of diet.  I just received a great newsletter on this topic, I copied some of the information below:


    Losing or gaining weight can be very difficult as many of you already know.  If you are serious about changing your body composition be aware of what commitment you will have to make.  One problem that commonly comes up is you start an exercise program and you don't lose any weight right away.  Let's look at why this may happen.

    One common problem is you increase your food intake with the addition of exercise so your weight stays the same.  Maybe you never did a strength training program before so you will build muscle and bone density which may offset any fat loss on the scale.  Or sometimes there are metabolic conditions or medications that you are taking that will slow down the process.  This is rarer but still may occur.  

    If you are really frustrated with your weight loss, consider this.  What was your situation before you started working out?  Chances are you were consistently gaining weight over the past year or so.  Let's say you gained 50lbs in the past year.  I know this is a lot but the numbers are easier to figure out.  This means you consumed about 500 calories extra per day than you needed.  This doesn't sound like much but it will add up.  Now you want to lose that 50lbs so you start exercising.  Everyday you do some type of workout and burn 400 calories approximately.  This is a realistic number for a general workout.  

    You can probably see the problem if you don't improve your nutrition.  Even with exercise you are 100 calories over your daily need.  This would mean you are exercising fairly hard 7 days per week and still gaining weight just at a slower pace.  This is how crucial your nutrition plan is and how consistent you need to be with it.  Exercise alone will most likely not get you all the way there but it is at least a start.


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