June 2008 Weddings
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Big MTV night!

The season finale of the Hills is on at 8 (it says "season" finale, but I've heard it's the series finale. Well, it's Lauren's last episode, anyway). Then the MTV Movie Awards are on at 9. Now that I've read the books, I'm excited to see the trailer for New Moon. I know, I know... Stick out tongue

Re: Big MTV night!

  • Yay for you reading all the Twilight books! I can't WAIT to see the clip from Newmoon. Have you found the Twilight board under the "Nest Book Club" board?

     I hate how MTV does all this stuff on a sunday night!! I heard the New Moon premire won't be on until 10:45 at night. I have been going to bed at 8...but I will at least stay up for the hills. I'm sure the New Moon trailer will be all over the internet tomorrow...right?


  • But Rob Patterson will be on ... so I have to see some parts of the awards!

  • I'm in bed by 9 on school nights, but it's summer now so I've been up til midnight all week. Big Smile

    I more upset that the entire last 3 seasons of the Hills has been about Lauren and Heidi's spat over Spencer, yet Lauren's last episode is about Speidi's wedding and Lauren's going against her will. Right.

  • That is messed up. I think they basically made up this season, you could see it happening at Lauren's bday and MTV didn't have all the drama anymore.. The wedding should be interesting. Why would they invite Kristen Cav ?? however you spell her name...I wonder if Stephen will make an appearence too???

    MTV just showed 1/2 the clip of New Moon. It was a kiss scene too!

    15more days of school to me. ugggg How I wish it was vacation! When do you start back up? Are you doing summer school? We end on the 19th and I start summer school in July.  


  • I'm excited to see The Hills.  I know the drama will be a little bit better because Ms. Kristen will be there, haha she is too funny!  I also am excited to see Heidi's wedding reception just to see how its decorated (wow did I really just say that).  I also have to admit I haven't bought a Cosmo magazine in a while because it seems like they repeat stories over and over but since Lauren was on the cover I bought it this month. Embarrassed

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