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braggart post

we bought a dishwasher!
Home Depot had a sale, and we got a great DW for under 500$, plus we'll be getting a 50$ rebate in a few weeks too!

It has a stainless interior, which was high on my "options" list, and I opted for dial controls over the soft touch buttons, I figure it will last longer (and if it breaks it's a much cheaper repair!)

we bought white, our appliances are "almond" right now, we plan to change as we get $$ though.??
we have to cut out a cupboard, build a cabinet, re-counter the room and plumb it in!
Ayayayay!? We didn't have one at all before so I think all the work will be worth it.? ?It's going to be a long weekend....

Re: braggart post

  • Oh ya baby!! That rocks!!  I gotta say, your post before about not having a dishwasher made me remember when we didn't have one and how horrible that was!  You are gonna love it!  And the work will totally be worth it!
  • Oooh that is exciting!!  Do you mind me asking what kind it was??  My mom's dishwasher recently broke and she needs a new one.  My step dad decided to wash all his baseball hats in it and now it won't work..
    Kristin & Dave


    Happy Easter

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  • I love that Kriz_b's step dad washed all his baseball caps in the dishwasher! I keep giggling over that. :D

     As for having a new dishwasher...YEAH! I remember when we didn't have one (a few places ago) and at the time I thought it was fine but once we got one there was no turning back. 


  • I had to get my mom to explain it to me a second time.  The best part is that he will have to take all the blame and buy the new one.  They just bought a new dryer like a month ago. (no he didn't dry his
    Kristin & Dave


    Happy Easter

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  • Sooooooo jealous right now. I hate washing dishes. I was spoiled and grew up with a dishwasher....these past few years have been pretty tough on my poor hands (LOL). Someday I will get as excited about appliances as all the homeowners on the boards.
  • That should make your busy life a little bit easier. I may have to check the sale out, too. We have had an empty spot in our kitchen cabinetry awaiting a dishwasher installation since 4 years ago when the house was built Sad
  • It's a GE.? The sale ended last night, but it's still a great deal.? I think it starts at 499$ for the white or black model, we saved PST, and they reduced the price by 60$ (for fun? I'm not sure)

    I was pretty adamant before that a dishwasher wasn't a "need", but then I got so busy with work!? No more washing the dishes while I watch Y&R.? We had one growing up, and thankfully at my last student apartment (saved so many fights I'm sure!!!) too, so it's been a while.

    I read recently about how much less water is used doing a full DW load than handwashing.? I?told Dave we could start looking, then with the job I was swamped with dishes and couldn't wait!? This is going to be amazing!
  • so jealous! We don't have one either and I am so excited for the day it comes.

    I grew up with a dishwasher, but haven't had one for years b/c my ghetto student apaartment didn't have one.

    Enjoy! And who cares it doesn't match, it washes your dishes!!! 

  • yay!!!!!!!! when we bought our house there was an empty space in the cabinetry calling for a dishwasher, so it was our one "must buy".... glad you got a good deal =)
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