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Whats your favorite low point snack WW?

Re: Whats your favorite low point snack WW?

  • Apple Dippers from Mcdonalds!  Every monday I buy 5 apple dippers,  I can get through two bags of apples on just 1 thing of caramel dip, then I use regular apples from home to eat the rest of the caramel dip!  Its so good, and I cant get enough of them!!   Theyre 2 points if you use the Mcdonalds apples and only 1 point if you use an apple from home =) 


    P.S. I meant to email you today but I was so backed up at work that I completely spaced it!  Sorry, I'll email you tomorrow!

  • pria bars!  They are 2 points!
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  • Let's see:

    -cut up veggies (different color peppers, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes...) w/ Laughing Cow Light cheese

    -the little mini bags of popcorn

    -Kashi TLC Trail Mix Bar (only 2 points and really satisfying)

    -sprouted grain English muffin (not sure what brand) - only 1 point!

    -the mini rice cake packs (chocolate mint is yum!)

    -Safeway has their "Eating Right" brand - they make little bars, the Caramel Creme Crisp is GOOOOOD!  2 points

    -when I can find them, the Mr. Krispers rice chips are so good - you can have 38 for 2 points.  I'm going to order them from their website

    -WW yogurt in White Chocolate Raspberry is delish 

    - VitaMuffins - very high in fiber, so only 1 point...

    -and, apples - basic, but they always fill me up!


    There ya go! 


  • I like to chop up veggies [carrots, broccoli, bell peppers] and toss them with a little bit of balsamic vinaigrette. [sp?].  Very yummy and you can eat a ton for very few points.

    Butter Pretzels from Snyders.  A serving is 24 pretzel squares and they're very yummy.  Can't remember the points now, but it wasn't bad. 

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  • The Special K bars are only 90 calories and I like them.
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  • skinny cow--mint=2 points...yummo!
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