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Baby Shower Game Ideas??

Hi girls.  I am giving one of my really good friends a baby shower this weekend and wanted a good idea for a game or two.  I have done a ton of showers before, but it always seems like the games can be so obtuse its ridiculous! So I want something fun, that isnt too complicated.  Also, the crowd arent really baby people.  Hardly any of them have kids. So something they would enjoy would be nice too! Your suggestions are greatly appreciated!


Thank you!

Re: Baby Shower Game Ideas??

  • Ok I hate games at parties. I thought this one was kinda fun though. It might be more work than you are willing to do. The host asked a bunch of the guests for their own baby pictures before the shower. She then put a poster board up of all the baby pictures and everyone had to guess who was who.
  • The only shower game I know of is you give everybody a string and they make a circle guessing how big the moms belly is. Whoever is closest gets a prize.
  • Kristy - we had that one at my shower

    We also had a game where all the guys drink beer out of a baby bottle. First one to finish wins.

    I have played "make a onesie out of a napkin", "find the safety pins in the rice"...and a few others.

  • I've been to one where they did the melted candy bar in the diaper--where you have to sniff the diaper and guess what candy bar it is.
  • image meandg:
    I've been to one where they did the melted candy bar in the diaper--where you have to sniff the diaper and guess what candy bar it is.

    That one grosses me out.

  • yea, that one is siiiick!

  • hmmm.... let's see...

    1) At my shower, they played 'Baby shower Bingo'.  Right before opening gifts, the host passed out paper with Bingo grids, pens & baby theme stickers.  Players wrote down baby items that they thought mom- to- be might get.  As mom-to-be opened gifts, players would mark off the word on their grid - for example: if they wrote 'blanket' in a space, then they can cover it with a sticker.  First player to get a line wins.  I thought this was great, that way attendees of the shower have something to do while mom-to-be opens gifts. Just me though.

    2)  If parents-to-be already has a name picked out, you can pass out paper with baby's name on top.  Give the attendees 2 or 3 mins to come up with words using the letters in baby's name - for example: baby's name is Cole Andrew - - 1) den 2) cold 3) ear, etc, etc.  Person with the most words, wins.

    3) This one isn't really a game, but it'll help mom-to-be out.  Purchase a pack (or packs) of thank you cards.  As guests arrive, have them put their name & address on the envelope.  That way mom-to-be already has her thank you card envelopes already filled out - -all she has to do is fill out the cards! If you'd like to make it a game, you can put all the envelopes in a basket & randomly select one for a 'door prize'

    4) There's also guess mom-to-be's belly size.  If you go with this one, I'd suggest using ribbon instead of toilet tissue.

    5) Guess how many jelly beans in the baby bottle.  You can get a cheap bottle & fill it with pink or blue jelly beans (they have them at Party America) & have the guests guess the number of jelly beans. Closest to the amount wins.

    6) Get a basket & fill with baby items - rattle, bottle, bottle brush, onsie, pack of wipes, cotton balls, etc.  Have mom-to-be take it around so that the guests can see the contents...don't make them look too long though.  Then have mom-to-be go to another room with the basket.  You can do 2 versions - have the guests write down what was in the basket OR catch them off guard & ask them to write down what mom to be is wearing! Guest with the most items wins.  If you do the second version, you may want to play this game in the beginning so that guest don't have a good look at what mom is wearing.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!

  • orangeruffles gave you a lot of the games I've played before. Another one is to give everyone a paper plate and pen. They have to place the paper plate on their head and draw a picture of a baby. It isn't easy but it is funny watching people do this. The mom gets to judge who had the best drawing and wins.

    Another game is the price is right. Get about 10 baby items (wipes, rattle, thermometer, etc.) and have people write down their guess of the prices of each item, then they add up the price and the person closest to the total cost wins and the mom gets some baby stuff to use.

    There are baby word scramble games, I have a few if you want, you can also find stuff online. HTH! 

  • Ooohhh...I love that price is right idea.
  • I think the diaper candy bar one is funny! I generally win it!

    I also love the pass the cucumber. It is like musical chairs, but you pass the cucumber between your knees to the person next to you. Pretty hilarious.

  • image mrs.landeros:

    I think the diaper candy bar one is funny! I generally win it!


    Me too!  The first and only time I played it I was in a 3 way tie with 3 others but ended up winning through a draw!Big Smile

    Another idea is  the host puts a whole bunch of pairs of baby socks in a pile and times each guest to  see who can put the pairs together the fastest.

  • Remembered another cute idea. It's not a game. The host bought a bunch of white onesies and spitup clothes and some fabric pens. Everyone decorated their own for the mom. It was cute. Some were pretty creative.
  • We did the price is right game and the bingo game at my shower. Another shower handed a watermelon around wrapped in a baby blanket and guests had to guess the size. ?So you would have to get one close to a babies birth size. (ex-7lbs5oz)



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