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How do you respond to repeat telemarketers?

I have a few telemarketers who repeatedly call our house. I'm talking at least once a week. My usual response to telemarketers is to ask them to remove our number from their call list. I have also added my name to a "do not call list" through the Canadian Marketing Association. I have had some measure of success with this approach with Canadian-based telemarketers. Now, the problem telemarketers seem to be originating from California, Mexico, and the Philippines. I have asked them to remove me from their call list, but they continue to call. I'm not sure if the same CRTC regulations apply to them.

Yesterday, I received a call from California from a repeat telemarketer, got very angry with her on the phone, asked her to remove my name from the call list AGAIN, and told her if I received another call from her company, I would contact the CRTC. She called again today and I repeated my request with more force.

Is there anything else we can do aside from not answering the phone? Does anyone else have any other creative responses to bothersome telemarketers?

Re: How do you respond to repeat telemarketers?

  • put them on hold, and don't pick up the phone again. it just makes them wait until they feel like hanging up.

    it doesn't get rid of the problem... but it sometimes makes me feel better. I get tired of getting mad at them all the time too.

  • If they are calling from the same number repeatedly, is there any way for you to block that number through your telephone provider? I know I can do that, but I'm using VOIP through Primus and I have never tried to block calls on a regular phone line.
  • Hmm, I've always had a lot of luck when I've asked them to take me off the list. I've also noticed that the number of called drastically decreased when I put my name on the CMA list.

    Sometimes if I'm in a really crappy mood when they call I pick up the phone and then immediately hang up.


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  • Switch phone numbers? We have VoIP with Vonage and get virtually no sales calls, other than from services we already use (Bank of Montreal and Rogers). I usually pick up and tell them no, they can't speak to whoever they're asking for. Before I was married, they used to ask for Mr. or Mrs. Maiden and I told them there was noone there by that name.  My parents get tons of calls from telemarketers (like 5 a day) and they usually just don't answer.

     Sorry, no real constructive advice though.

  • I got tired of it, so now I hang up as soon as I realize it's them again.  After 2 or 3 calls, they eventually get the hint.
  • Wow once a week?  that's all.  We get telemarketers who call us 4 -5 times a day everyday including weekends. 

     We don't answer the phone.  We have an answering machine just for this reason. 

     Sometimes when my sis's bf is over he'll answer the phone and yell at them.

  • I've honestly never had a telemarketer call.

    We got our landline about 6 months ago with Rogers. I'm not sure where you're getting the number from, it sounds like you should be removed from all the lists by now though. 

    I don't know what to do, I would feel bad taking it out on the caller as they are likely just students or min wage workers who were just given a list to call. I don't think they are purposely seeking you out. I'm sure you've tried this, but maybe try to talk to a manager? It could be the caller doesn't know how to properly put you on the "don't call" list.  

  • I usually check out the caller ID if it's an 800 number I don't pick up,  but if I do answer it I tell them I am the babysitter or I hang up during the silence that always comes when they use an autodialer.

  • We call screen with our call display or we pick up and hang up or we pick up and "zerbert" into the phone, or pick it up and leave it off the hook.

    But we barely get any calls (we are also on VoIP)

  • I would just try hanging up on them or try the put on hold and never return one..

    Triple7, I just got a rogers line and we constantly get calls!!  It is starting to drive me nuts!

    I had one today for scotia bank (who I bank with) offering me life insurance.  The guy called me by my maiden name so I told him that my last name is no longer that and if he can't get the correct up to date information there is no way I was going to trust him to sign me up for life insurance.

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  • I either do one of two things, if it is the same number I just keep hanging up whenever they call and they eventually get the hint, or I will tell them to remove me from their phone list and stop calling, they are harrassing me! THey get the hint rather quickly, I never even let them get their spiel out!
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  • Wow, I think I am too?polite. ?I usually just listen to them and then say I'm not interested. ?If they persist, I firmly say I'm not interested and just hang up. ?I also get a lot of calls. ?At least one a day. ?I didn't know you could ask to be taken off the list. ?And is there a website or something where you can ask to be taken off all of them?

    ?Afterall, they are just doing their job.?

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