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Has anyone bought bookshelves lately?  Staples?  Ikea?  What's better?  Other recs?  It's for a spare bedroom, so I don't want to spend a ton of money but at the same time I also don't want pure particle board type shelves/bookcases.



Re: Bookshelves

  • ikea should probably do the trick, just don't expect it to hold really heavy books.  it's also best if you don't move it around too much, it might fall apart. 
    merry everything!

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  • I don't need bookshelves because I don't read.
  • Ditto WeeMo.

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  • Ikea or Target
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  • We just have Ikea ones in our guest room.  They do the trick.
  • Some of you kmow that I have toms of books stacked om the floor amd that just wom't work amymore....mboc which ikea shelves do you have?  the Billy?
  • I have no clue; we got them a few years ago.  They are black/charcoalish.
  • We also have Ikea in the guest room. MH bought them before we were married and they are pretty cheesy IMO. They literally needed to be anchored to the wall Huh?
  • We just got this for $30. 

    Staples White Wooden Bookcase, 5-Shelf, 72"

    Simple, attractive oak finish bookcase adds storage wherever you need it.

    Shelf count includes bottom of bookcase

    • 5 Shelves (2 permanent/3 adjustable)
    • White Finish
    • 72"H x 28"W x 12"D
    • 11 3/4" deep shelves (5/8" thick)
    • Cam-lock fasteners
    • Ready To Assemble
    • 5-year warranty
  • We have the small and large versions of the Markor -

    We have a ton of books and both have held up pretty well in the 4 years we've had them.

  • But we liked this one at Ikea, it seems sturdy in person:

  • Dang it.. my quoting didn't work..


    Disregard Gasp. Not as funny anymore. WAH WAAAH


    D- Matt HATES the iKea ones we have. Says they're terrible quality =P And they kinda are. ?We have the Billy ones.


    Unfortunately, I don't have a better suggestion because we still have the billy ones and every time M goes to get something from it he grunts and complains.



  • I bought two bookcases at Taget about five years ago and they have held up well with lots of books in them and they don't look too bad.
  • Thanks guys!  Ikea has good prices but when I checked shipping it was astronomical!  I went to go look at staples but I need something sturdier and I think I found some that I liked at Office Max that will deliver for free!
  • I don't like the Billy ones at Ikea. They are cheap and plain. They have better looking ones that are way more sturdy.
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  • We looked everywhere for bookshelves, and finally really only found them at Ikea.  We got the Billy bookcases with the glass doors, so they actually look pretty good. Ikea stuff generally does ok until you start to try to move it.

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