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Well.... I BROKE the damnn thing!

My toe! UGH!!

It is all swollen and black and blue... kinda creepy.

Nothing they can do... can't cast a toe... can't give me anything for it.


I will remember to tell my LO about this! "One time when mommy was pregnant with you, she fell down the stairs and instead of smooshing you in her belly she twisted her ankle and broke her toe"

That's love! (and guilt! LOL!!)


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Re: Well.... I BROKE the damnn thing!

  • that sucks....hope it heals fast and doesn't give you too much of a problem
  • Aw crap, right before the shower too! : /
  • Oh, man. That sucks. Does it hurt?
  • Awww. Try to stay off of it as much as possible!
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  • ouch! :( You need a bell. Damn, Val I should have sent that bell!


  • Bummer, Sharra! ::kisses Sharra's toe::

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  • Oh Sharra that sucks! ?I'm sorry.
  • Oh, no! Yeah, I would use that as a guilt trip later on when the little one gets bigger.  Hope your toe will heal fast.
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