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i can't take it (long)

long story but been married 4 years, have a 2.5 year old and i'm pregnant with #2.  i have a very low sex drive- i know this.  this has caused major issues.  i dont even know how to go into the whole story.  but basically my husband is frustrated cause i'm not initiating all the time (keep in mind he doesn't initiate anymore because as he says he has "given up") .  we have sex about twice a week- i really enjoy it and get into it every single time.  we use toys, have done dirty emails,'s like he is happy for a few days after he "gets some", then we are back to the same conversation 3 days later.  i could go on forever.  he is a fantastic husband, etc...- just not sure what i'm supposed to do.  he thinks i don't care becuase i'm not "trying" but how else can i try?  UGH

Re: i can't take it (long)

  • Have you asked him specifically what you're not doing that he'd like?
  • LolitaCLolitaC member
    I would say twice a week is pretty frequent. 
  • jen1977jen1977 member
    i think he just wants me to initiate all the time and just be more sexual.  i try to tell him that we are the norm....twice a week - it's harder to explain than just this.  but it's like if we have sex and i'm really into it, he's ok for awhile then it comes up again.
  • You think this is what he wants, but are you correct?  Talk to the man. 
  • image LolitaC:
    I would say twice a week is pretty frequent. 

    I'm lucky if it's once every 10 days.  Tell your H to quit whining.  Or talk to him.

  • Also, does he realize that pregnancy hormones can have an affect on either increasing or decreasing your sex drive?  Is it also possible that you don't feel like having sex because you are pregnant and your body is changing and he doesn't understand that?

    Like Kuus said, you need to ask him specifics instead of just assuming what he is thinking or what he wants.  Let him know that you won't turn him down for sex if he initiates (unless, of course, you aren't feeling well).  That may give him more confidence.  But then you have to make sure you don't continue to turn him down all the time.

    ETA:  Being that you also have a 2.5 yr old, you haven't had much time not being pregnant or not having residual hormones from pregnancy in your system.  Having a 2 yr old and being pregnant can also wear a person out.  He has to realize that you are tired too.

  • TambcatTambcat member
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    Twice a week doesn't sound like you're neglecting him.  If he wants more, he should initiate.  I think it's ridiculous for him to demand that you initiate sex more often than twice per week. Sorry.
  • I think you are way cool for having sex twice a week with a youngster and another on the way! I hope he realizes this too. He should appreciate what he does get, not whine about what he doesn't get.
  • 2x/wk while pregnant and chasing a 2.5 yr old = a whole lot of sex. ?I think your dh is being too demanding. ?Plus if he wants sex he can initiate. ?It's not your job to read his mind. ?2x/wk is not a lox sex drive FYI. ?It's lower than some but, more than some too. ?Cut yourself some slack. ?If your post is right on, you're doing your part.
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