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Fondue Night Ideas

DH and I just moved to a new area.  We met a few friends and want to have them over for a fondue night...but I have no idea where to begin!!

Cheese? Chocolate?

I still feel like we need some meat or something to fill people up! Also I really like cutsey/cheesey ideas to make things a little more personal for our friends...thinking about 10 people.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks :)

Re: Fondue Night Ideas

  • I think good hearty cheese fondue is plenty!!  I'm from WI and love me some swiss cheese fondue Wink  One time we had lil' smokies as a dipper... SO bad for you but so delicious, and gives you some protein.  If you have some good quality, hearty breads (think pumpernickel and something crusty), plus veggies I think that's good.

    And then of course chocolate for dessert!  My favorite is dark chocolate, mix in your favorite liquor (I love Frangelico), and have lots of fruit, marshmallows, and pound cake.

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  • I agree with the cheese fondue.  Last time I made it we dipped in polish sausage, bread, steamed broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots.
  • I love cheese fondue!  You can do just about anything with it.  The last time I made it, I served a crusty baguette, chicken, steak tips, broccoli, apples, and I can't remember what else.  With chocolate, you can do just about anything as well. 
  • You can do cheese fondue and do a non-fondue dessert (strawberry shortcake or ice cream w/ brownies). Unless you have two pots, it can be messy transition between the cheese and fondue.

    Veggies/fruit: carrots, snap peas, blanched broccoli, bell peppers, apples, pear

    Breads: soft french, crusty sourdough, toasted ciabatta,

  • i saw a really interesting idea on here for tortelloni fondue on here. you heat oil in a fondue pot and dip the tortellini and then cook them. here is the link to the recipe:


     or i think it might be cool to have a alfredo style fondue and have already cooked tortelloni and dip them in the sauce, that would be pretty filling.

  • Roasted asparagus and mushrooms, baked chicken, french bread... My sister and I started serving fondue with "side dippers" like bread crumbs, roasted pine nuts, special seasonings, red pepper flakes... stuff you can dip your cheesey morsal in that makes it even more tastey. If you do a dessert fondue, you can use coconut, crushed gram crackers, powdered sugar. crushed peanuts... whatever you want!

  • To a lot of people, if there isn't meat, it isn't dinner.  I don't eat a lot of meat, but I still wouldn't want to make an entire meal out of bread and cheese.  (OK, so maybe if I was home alone I would!!)  Meat fondue usually involves cooking the meat in oil.  That's a hassle, so I'd find another way to incorporate protein.  Dipping meat in the cheese (chicken fingers comes to mind) could work, or just having a separate meat dish and cheese fondue is the side.
  • We fondue with chicken, filet mignon, califlower and mushrooms. (in canola oil)

    We do dips like garlic butter, bernaise, marinara... Its AWESOME!!!

  • How about serving a salad that incorporates meat-  some grilled chicken, Italian lunchmeats, seafood, or even slices of steak?
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