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On my Spaying post you mentioned you had a list of you mind e-mailing to jabaloun at cox dot net. I love that you've rescued quite a few of your pets. Great contribution to society!

I am afraid that the less I pay the more pain or suffering my kitty will experience. Any thoughts on this?

Re: tuckertobe

  • YGM.


    As for the cost factor, yes, there are some considerations to be made. I?ve observed about a dozen spay & neuters in different environments and I personally have never seen an animal suffer or go through additional pain from ?cheaper? anesthetic. Cheaper does not necessarily mean less effective. There?s also a cost consideration on if you chose to pay for additional sedatives and/or pain medication ? most private practice vets do not give you the option of whether you get them or not, you?re going to pay for them regardless whereas clinics may give you the option to forgo or opt only to have them do the in-house medications and not send you home with a bottle of pain meds.


    Clinics tend to not be all the bells and whistles that larger private practice veterinarians have on hand (laser & laparoscopic machines come to mind) and cater more towards on genre of medicine (spay & neuter and other minor surgeries rather than day-to-day practices). There?s also cost factors that go into the location (you?ll find that most of the clinics are in Garden Grove, Santa Ana, etc ? not in say, Yorba Linda or Irvine) ? are they in their own stand alone building or are they in a strip mall? My 24 hour vet built a huge new hospital last year... and I'm going to assume as a customer and a client, I'm helping pay for that. What about staff ? do they have four or five techs on hand at any one time or do they only have one or two? How many veterinarians are in the office at any one time? How many surgeries do they do a day? If they can line up one entire day/afternoon in the surgical room with spays and neuters, the surgical setup remains nearly the same except for sterilization between animals, saving time (and thus saving money).  


    There are also private practice veterinarians who do low cost spays maybe one day a week or two days a month ? there?s normally no difference between that day than the day before except perhaps they don?t do a lot of surgeries on Thursdays and it?s a good way of filling up the books. ;)


    But in the end, bottom line, vet hospitals are a business. I?ve been insuring them for years and they will charge what the market in their area allows them to get away with. If they want to charge $500 for the same package someone six blocks and a different zip code away will give you for $325, they can and they will. I personally use three different vets for my own crew and I?ve used dozens for fosters over the last seven years (we?ve had over 200+)? and I?ve only had one death as a ?result? of a spay/neuter surgery ? a nine week old kitten who had a series of seizures and stopped breathing a few hours after she came home from her spay. She passed away on my drive to my 24 hour vet.


    Hope this helps.

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