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Lots of questions about the toys I have .

So I know you ladies probably know alot more than I do as i'm a newbie to toys.

So a few months ago I bought a vibrator the wet wabbit is what someone said I should go for. lol        Plus I also got  the magic bullet at lovers lane.

Now the magic bullet has two attachments, the same thing and was embarrassed to ask why it has two attachments and two little sockets to attach it to.

2) These magic bullets are they Not for insertion?

3) I also got in agift bag a pack of his and hers Ky Jelly. I was reading the instructions and it says can cause skin irritation. NOw i'm a sensitive person and got scared to use so I didnt.    Do you all like this?  What does it do?   

4)  We are trying to get pregnant and was wondering can you still use the vibrator and the magic bullet, if I was actually pregnant?    How about the creams and loitions I got in my goody bag?


Re: Lots of questions about the toys I have .

  • General rule for vibrating toys that are shorter than your vagina - do not insert if it doesn't have a "string" - if it is "lost" in you and still on, it vibrating upward is not going to help with removal.
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  • Regarding the magic bullet, generally they are not for insertion. They are for clitoral stimulation. The attachments are usually jelly like attachments with spikes or bumps which then adds more pleasure to the bullet. For instance you can place the attachment on and the bullet will be more pleasurable for clitoral stimulation, basically with the clitoris you want more bumps and groves there are the better it is going to stimulate your clitoris. My husband and I often use the KY Jelly... if you are sensitive I would try some on your hand rather than down there because I would much rather have an irritation on my hand then you know. KY Jelly is better than other lubricants I have tried (rather than creams or lotions) because it is water based and safer to use. Also there is really no scent, I know my previous cream was strawberry so that smell was really annoying. You want to make sure if you are using a toy that is rubber that you are lubricated because just the toy alone on the skin can cause irritation. The KY jelly is really nice if things are going a little long and you are not necessarily that into it. You know if you get drier down there you apply a little and I know my husband really enjoys it. I am sorry I don't really know the "does and don'ts" for pregnancy but I would definitley ask your doctor, I am sure it would be fine but just ask in case. I hope this helps.
  • I can't answer about the toys, but I can about the KY.  Lubes kill sperm.  If you need to use lube, get pre-seed (on-line) or pre-conceive plus (CVS)
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  • Ok there was a wee bit of misinformation in this thread. Regular ky should not cause irritation. It is strictly a water-based lubricant. It also will not kill sperm. Again, it is merely a water-based lubricant. KY yours and mine does have chemicals added which are intended to stimulate the male and female separately but are intended to bring maximum pleasure when combined. The KY Yours and Mine MAY cause irritation due to the chemicals.Water-based lubes are the best. And if you have silicone toys you need to be sure to use a water-based lube, because silicone lubes will ruin your silicone toys.

    The only lubes that will kill sperm are those that contain a spermicide. You will want to read the packages carefully. If you are trying to conceive do not use a spermicidal lube.

    A magic bullet is not designed to be inserted, however I have used it inserted many times with no problem. Just keep an eye on your wire to make sure it isn't damaged or frayed. But there are better vibrators which are designed for insertion. My favorite is a g-spot vibe. It doesn't always hit my g-spot, but it does feel darn good both internally and externally. 


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