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Anniversary ideas?

My H and I are celebrating our 1st anniversary in 2 weeks. I need some ideas on what to do for a fun date night. We're spending the night at a casino, but since money is so tight, we're going the week before our anniversary and I wanted to do something special and not too expensive the night we got married.

I looked on here and browsed the web for ideas, and haven't seen anything too interesting. We had a really bad honeymoon, so I wanted to do something really special for our anniversary, and "recreating" things from our honeymoon would be a disaster! If you have any ideas, they would be greatly appreciated! As of right now, I'm considering a picnic away at a park by the beach, or going out to eat in town.

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Re: Anniversary ideas?

  • I find myself in the same position but my 1 year anniversary in October and granted we had a wonderful honeymoon. (Sorry to rub it in.) And money is a little tight for us.

    We talked about staying at the same place we stayed on our wedding night, we talked about going out of town and going out to a romantic dinner.

    We are leaning more towards the romantic dinner only because we are going on a cruise the week of Thanksgiving, so we are saving our money for that.

    If you really want to go to a casino, set a certain amount of money for both of you to spend then when you guys run out of money, grab some dinner or go home and be romantic.

    It all really depends on how tight the money is and what you guys together decide to do.?

  • Ask your local board. They can give you more specific ideas for where you are.
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  • Just curious, but since your honeymoon was not the best why not trying to correct that on your anniversary.  Set the mood with candles, and some nice lingerie.  Or even add in some rose petals and a nice relaxing bath.  Just be really romantic with each other.  Isn't that what this is supposed to be about. 

    Just an idea.  Good luck with that and Happy Anniversary.

  • I totally agree with posting on your local board. We celebrated at a winery B&B, went to a nice restaurant and ate the year old wedding cake. We also exchanged "paper" anny gifts. GL.
  • My husband and I never got to go on a honeymoon due to work obligations.  So this year on our 2nd anniversary we are doing something special, nothing expensive, road trip to Niagara Falls.  You don't have to do something big to celebrate.  I think everyone feels that they have to do a big to do and big gifts. My husband and I don't exchange gifts, that's not our style.  What I would do is get all dressed up, go out to eat, take a walk in the park/beach together, just do things you like doing together, that you normally aren't able to do together. Nice dinner out, then beach after would sound nice.  I think you have some great ideas. Enjoy the time and have a great anniversary! 

  • Um, have you asked him what he'd like to do?

    We set an alarm for the "exact" moment we kissed during the ceremony and kissed when it went off.

    Can you re-create wedding stuff.  Like play the music from your ceremony.  Re-recite your vows to eachother.  Cook the same kind of food you had at your reception, drink champagne out of those personalized flutes.  Dance to your first dance song.  Wear your wedding night lingerie.

  • If you dont want it to be all romantic and re creat what should of been on your honeymoon take a road trip somewhere.  Maybe just dothe picnic likeyou said youwanted to do.        Or how about go to a drive in have some wine and enjoy a nice movie.  Nice dinner ......

    We too have tried to do romantic things on our anniversary and it doesn't happen like we want it to so we jus tmake it fun just the two of us.

    Picnic is a nice idea.....

  • DH and I have our one year in September and we are in the same money boat. He really wants to go to a B&B in Deep Creek Maryland (very outdoorsy area, not tons of shopping or anything), except the fees are around $180/night for the nicer rooms (they do have cheaper but itd be like staying at a crappy motel for $120/night).

    If you guys like nature, maybe camp. If you like music, maybe there is a concert the two of you can go to or to a bar that you can pay a small cover to get in. If you two are sporty people, maybe catch a ball game and spend the day in town.?


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