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All I hear are crickets in here

Re: All I hear are crickets in here

  • *chirp chirp*


    Not even Kristy in here!

  • I know! Now that she is preggo, I guess she doesn't need us anymore!

    <runs to the corner crying>

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  • LOL!  I just had a mental image!
  • Sorry. I am so busy at work right now and I am never busy. I missed yesterday and I got 30 extra files from a girl that went out on maternity leave on Friday. I got to get through it all (should take a couple weeks) and then I can play again.
  • I had a thought today....I only have 7 more months of work. That's so weird to think about. Yay! Stick out tongue

  • are you quitting when the litle peanut is born? Say yes and I will not be your friend anymore! Super Angry
  • I hadn't thought about that! You finally get to say good riddance to that place!

    Have you thought about when you are going to tell them you are preggo?

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  • Start the countdown.....

    I hated my last month before maternity leave. One because I was just so anxious to get it started and have the baby. Two my boss apparently thought all girls become idiots when they became pregnant oh and I was also disabled. She took away part of my responsiblities because it would be too much to go up and down the stairs. Hello we have elevators, besides I could still take stairs with no problem.

    Ok sorry enough venting besides she got fired so Stick out tongue to her.

  • Sorry Val, but that's the plan. I am trying to become a sub so I have something to fall back on. Or if all else fails and I have to I could keep my current schedule and job and not need daycare. But as we sit today the plan is that I will be a SAHM.

    Robyn-I have no idea when I am telling. I guess 12 weeks or when I start to show. Whichever comes first. I am not too excited b/c I know Rhonda is going to be annoying.

    Kat- That really sucks that your boss was like that. I don't think mine will be. I'm like the 4th pg chick in a row. I wonder whos next. lol

  • I hope you can make the SAHM plan work. I wish we could but it just doesn't work that way for us. Hopefully sometime in the near future we will be able to.

    Isn't it hard having this fabulous news and not sharing it with everyone you meet?

  • It is and it isn't. One the one hand I want to join in on all the baby talk since we just had a girl have her baby on Sunday. I wanted to pick her brain before she left and I couldn't. On the other hand, I am so scared it isn't real that I don't want to tell. But we def need to tell H's parents before telling anyone else.
  • I understand that. We couldn't even believe it until we saw the ultrasound and saw our little lima bean.

    and if you told other people before the grandparents to be...yeah that would not be good.

  • I'm bed sick Ick!

    dh gave me his flu Super Angry

  • I had to lol when I saw the sick smily gwen. Sorry your sick though.
  • to be sick...and all dh can say is sorry constantly for gettin me sick grrrr....


  • Who keeps getting him sick?
  • Kristy - LUCKY!

    Gwenz - Sorry!

  • Sorry to hear you are sick Gwen! Get better soon!
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  • dh got sick from his cw booo on them!  they didn't call out cuz they were leaving on a big vacation and didn't want to call out right apparently...they left for their trip and 2 other people got sick besides dh!!!

    grrr...not cool! 

  • That is a big pet peeve for me. If your sick you shouldn't be coming in to work. I hate that.
  • That sucks Gwen. Sorry you guys are sick.
  • it's a big pet peeve of mine too grr argh!

    now i am quarantined and miserable...blah

  • I am here...momentarily. Just trying to catch up on posts between the jobs.
  • Everyone is prob gone by now, but I'll say hi anyway!
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