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"Girls night in" ideas

I normally host a girls night for the ladies in my subdivision.  Any ideas on how I could make this gathering special.  We live in a small town so certain things like spa people coming to my home are pretty much out of the question.  Any ideas you may have are greatly appreciated.

Re: "Girls night in" ideas

  • I would suggest hosting a Pure Romance party...they are always fun.  Maybe through their website you might be able to find someone willing to come to your home?



  • How old are these women and are they moms?  I have a group of 30ish women and moms that get together.  We want to just sit around and enjoy wine and food.  We don't want to have to do anything or buy anything.  Generally that's special enough.

    Maybe a wine tasting, or coffee bar, or sundae bar.   

  • Margaritas, mexican food and games?

    Wine, movies and pizza?

    Pure Romance Parties are a lot of fun and hilarious :) ?Just do lots of apps and drinks for the party.?

  • Sounds fun!

     Another idea would be if you all have a mutal hobby like reading or scrapbooking...I know some of my friends & I went to do things like scrapbooking but don't always have the time so a planned night w/ friends would be something we'd totally be up for!

  • I would have a "wine tasting" evening with heavy orderves (spelling sucks).  Have everyone bring 2 bottles of wine (one for them and another for everyone to taste).  I did this before and it was light and fun way to get together...  Plus, people find other wine that they like and everything.
  • In keeping with the down turn in the economy I am planning a book swap party.  Everyone brings a book or two or three they think a girlfriend would enjoy.  We then take turns choosing a book.  I am planning a few salads, light appies and wine and sangria.
  • When we do this we are generally content to sit around drinking wine and gossiping about the neighbors Smile

    One time we did an old-school slumber party for girls night, this was before I got married.  The idea came up after we had all had a few too many, but it kind of stuck and so the next get together, we literally had a "sleepover"!!  We did each others nails and ate popcorn and watched Romy and Michelle.  We definitely needed lots of wine to make this fun, and not kind of ridiculous, but we ended up having a blast and getting lots of goofy pics.

    It probably depends on your relationship and the type of women/age as to whether or not this would be fun or just kind of stupid, but just an idea.

    52 Books in 2014??


    My sweet babies:

  • I'm a fan of good ol' fashioned boardgames. ?Have silly prizes for the winner(s). ?


    Movie night where everyone brings their fav movie with and whatever the group decides, that person gets a prize. ?We usually do a popcorn bucket filled with popcorn and movie candy.?

  • WingitWingit member
    I've done a spa day and didn't pay anyone to come out, it was all DIY and we had a good time. 
    I've also done the Pure Romance party and that was a great time too but it can be expensive for others and they may not be able to afford to spend $ on a bunch of toys right now.

    A book swap, game night, chick flick night would all be fun too and a lot less to prep for you probably.
  • I like the idea of a "Cupcakes and Cocktails" party. I think you could have a decorate your own cupcake bar set up (next to the real bar, of course!) and just chat and decorate.Everyone can bring a 1/2 or whole dozen to share. Fill several pastry bags with colored icing and different tips. Then, you can eat your cupcakes at the end!
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