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Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana

so i don't know if you guys are following the controversy, but apparently this Miley Cyrus girl (who is only 15) posed for pics by Annie Leibowitz for the cover of Vanity Fair. there has been all this uproar about the picture on the cover, which shows her in profile holding up some long, flowy fabric to cover her chest and her back is bare (not her butt or anything, just her actual back), so you can tell that she's topless.

anyway, apparently Disney, who owns her Hannah Montana franchise, didn't know about the pictures until they were shown on Entertainment Tonight. well i guess they must have flipped their sh!t and chastised her for them, because all of a sudden she issued this big apology saying that she didn't realize it at the time, but now that she looks at the pictures, she realizes how racy and inappropriate they are and she is very sorry to all her young fans. so of course now Vanity Fair is all up in arms because they don't like the fact that she's implying that she was not okay with the pictures when she actually was up until Disney got on her case. so they released a video of her during part of the photo shoot to show that she seemed perfectly fine and comfortable during the whole thing, and also that her parents were present and they witnessed everything and were also okay with it.

now, i saw the picture on the cover, and yeah, it's probably a little bit too racy considering her age and the fact that she has millions of little pre-teen and younger girls who are her fans. but having said that, i don't really think that there is anything overly sexual about the photo...yes, she's topless, but the part that shows is nothing more than any little girl shows when she's at the beach wearing a bikini (it's just her bare back) and the way the photo is done, it doesn't look tasteless or obscene. there is something very natural and almost innocent about it. having said that, what has really HORRIFIED me is the video that Vanity Fair put out!!!! it shows scenes of her posing with her dad (country singer Billy Ray Cyrus), and something about the way they are posing is just soooo inappropriate and creepy!!! I'm trying not to be a sicko here, but honestly, the way they are posing and interacting with each other, it looks like they are lovers, not a father with his 15 year old daughter. anyway, sorry this is so long, but i just wanted to share. and i hope i'm not the only pervert that thinks there is something really icky about the way her and her dad are together:

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Re: Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana

  • The pictures where she is draped would maybe be ok if she were 18, but not at 15. Really, what is the point of this? Why is her father allowing/advocating this? I really don't get it, and I really hate seeing these young stars with such great futures ruining it. (ie Britney, Jamie-Lynn, the Olson twins, now Miley Cyrus).

    And yeah, the pics with her and her dad - DEFINITELY weird. Something more fatherly would be appropriate, but draping yourself on your dad with your belly showing - NOOOO!

  • Money is a dr*g at times and leads people to do some really stupid things. I have to agree with pp, Miley at 15 should not be showing herself in this manner for any pictures. As adults we sometimes forget how much this will impact so many little girls. As parents you clearly need to guide your children and show them what's right from wrong but bottom line is, little girls look up to famous celebrities. I never did this but I remember when I was young and girls would bring skimpy clothes in their back packs to change when their parents were not around. Things in life are difficult as they are, in this crazy world we live in, so condoning this is just making matters worse. Realistically the whole purpose of this shoot was pointless and Vanity Fair should be ashamed. Between all the sickos we have in this world, looking for little girls...Billy & his wife should be thinking about these things 10x's if necessary.

    To be honest, Miley with that dark hair in the cover pic, kind of reminds me of the girl in that scary movie that crawls out of the dark hole. (Can't remember the name of that movie) lol Sorry for being so mean but she is such a pretty little girl. Why would they do that to her?

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