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Moms - can you help me please?

Hi all,

My lease is up on my car and I am trying to decide what car to get. I currently drive a Honda Pilot because we thought that we would have tried to have kids in the past 3 years. I crazily thought I needed this huge car, don't know what I was thinking.

I am now glad to be getting rid of it because of the crazy price of gas, but I am so torn between getting a crossover like the Honda CR-V or the Nissan Rogue (which both get better gas mileage than the big Pilot), or getting a Sedan like the Accord, Camry, Altima (of these, I think the Accord is the roomiest, but the Altima get's the best gas mileage - and all Sedan's get better gas mileage than the crossovers). I like the height of the crossover, but like how you can be a bit speedier in the sedans.....

Soooo, my question is, for mom's with Sedans, can you fit everything in (stroller, toys, etc)? Do you wish you had more room for everything?

 Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I appreciate it.

 ETA: Also, if you drove a SUV/Crossover while pregnant, was it hard to get up into the vehicle and conversly, is it hard to get out of a sedan while pregnant (ie having to push yourself up? Although, I assume that is just like getting out of a chair/couch).

Re: Moms - can you help me please?

  • for the first 6 months of Aaron's life I had a honda Accord. I love that car...and it is now back with my husband. I currently have a honda odyssey. when i was driving the accord i did not have enough room (at least for us). i carried at all times a snap and go and my stroller. so the drunk was always cramed and it was hard to get whichever stroller was at the bottom. also because that was the largest car we had we could not go on any driving vacations. if your dh has a bigger suv then you will be fine...but for us an accord and a mustang meant no traveling. so 2 weeks after we got the minivan we went to disney. we packed a pack and play, just the big stroller, all the luggage, a bouncy seat and a cooler...and still had tons of space. i know gas sucks right now...i hate it. it cost $65 to fill up my tank once a week....but i also know i want to have a second child in then next 3 years and i will still have that minivan so i will def need the space. plus we can schlep the kids and my parents or whatever. that's just my opinion :)


  • As a mom without a sedan I thought I'd chime in. I also have a Pilot and we went away for the weekend to visit MIL 3.5 hours away with our dog too. I tell ya that car was packed with our stuff and the baby's stuff. DH has an Acura TL and there is no way we could have made the trip in it. Now for going around locally the TL is just fine. We can easily fit the carseat, some toys, and the stroller in the trunk.
  • I <3 my Camry. Its a 2008. You can fit 10 freaking dead bodies in my trunk. I have room for everything I need for the baby back there - plus room for groceries and whatever luggage we have when we head to different locales.

    We chose the Camry over the SUV specifically due to gas mileage but have also been pleastanly surprised that it easily carries everything we need for Sophia. Also, I was not ready to go the mini-van route. LOL. So this was the choice we made. No regrets here.

    HTH! Go check one out. Test drive, get in the trunk, etc... Wink

    My little sweethearts...
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  • hi there

    i had a sedan for my first 2 kids. by the time #3 was on the way, i NEEDED a van!! and a crossover was not enough!

    the sedan will be plenty for one or 2 kids. check the trunk space before you buy. i was able to fit a portacrib, high chair and stroller in the trunk of 1987 chevy cavalier!!!! plus had the car seat and 2 people in the back seat!

    as far drivin while pregnant...i definitely felt safer in my minivan!!! i drove with no problems. i did not have any issues with gettin in or out...but you are a bit smaller than i am so you may want to test out the comfort of gettin in and out before you buy!!!

    hope this helps a little!!!

  • I drive a Mitsubishi Galant.  It's fine when I use my smaller umbrella stroller, but it is a huge PITA when I use my big travel system stroller.  The stroller fits just fine in the trunk, but getting it in takes strategy...if I don't have it positioned just so, I have to wrestle it in. Once its in though, there is still enough room for groceries and stuff.

    Jimmy has a smaller scale SUV (the Lexus RX330) and I like it a lot better.  It's not so huge that I feel like I'm driving a bus, but its a lot more mom-friendly than my car. 

    I had no problem getting in or out of either one when I was pregnant.


  • I drive a Nissan Murano so I can't answer your sedan question... but as far as getting in or out while pregnant... it wasn't the most comfortable thing climbing up into it, but I certainly wouldn't say it hurt or would make me not want to have this car! Once I was in it, it was fine. And I love having the extra room in the back, it makes getting the carseat in and out easier and lots of room for the stroller in the trunk part.
  • I love my Mazda CX-7.  We tested it out and can get 2 huge strollers along with 2 full golf bags at the same time in the trunk.  It's not so bad on gas, but DH's Altima is much better on gas.  I prefer the crossover/SUV only b/c I find that most cars on the road are much bigger than the sedans and in case of an accident (G-d forbid), I want to at least size up. 

    As far as comfort, I'm not that far along, but when some of my friends are in the car, they are pretty comfortable. 

    GL car shopping!

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  • I only have one baby, so for right now, my VW Jetta is great! My trunk is huge, so everything fits...I could see though if I have one more baby, I'd have to get a crossover or van, only because with two car seats in the back in a're more room for anyone else. So if I want to fit anyone else in my car, the crossover or van would be the best choice...


    I have big cars...and really i don't like the SUV's (sorry to whoever has one), only because of the gas issue, but on top of that, the WRONG people get into them, and suddenly they own the road because they have these big huge trucks (again forgive me for this) but the WOMEN CAN'T DRIVE THEM (for the most part). And it's always the same scenario...Women in SUV, two kids in the back, on the PHONE, trying to make a left at an intersection, makes the left on the RED because she forgot to go because she was on the phone... LMAO Ok, I went off on a tangent...sorry....but I guess I just don't want to be one of those...So I hate SUVs.

    I would actually prefer a hybrid, or even a VW TDI clean fill up A LOT less...There's actually some nice crossover hybrids now...but I forget what company makes them. 

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  • Nadi, you sound like my husband when he teases me about women drivers! But for the most part he is kidding.  I cannot believe you just said that about women. Ya gotta stick to your kind, girl. I am an excellent driver. I personally love driving SUV's - I just don't own one. I don't think safe driving has anything to do with sex and everything to do with personality and attitude.
    My little sweethearts...
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  • Nadi - I couldn't agree more with what Mel said. I take HUGE offense to what you just said. I drive an SUV and I'm a safe driver and have never done anything that you pointed out. You are entitled to your own opinion but I just had to say something.
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