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Cheap entertaining ideas needed only 6 adults

Okay, our DD's ballet recital is this Saturday and afterward's we are having the Grandparents back to our house.  I'm thinking by the time the recital is over everyone will be starving so I want to serve cold things that I can just pull out of the fridge and serve.

Here's what I"m thinking (probably buying at Kroger):

Turkey,ham, roast beef wraps cut into quarters

Potato salad

veggie tray (I could do this the night before.)

cheese tray

meatballs (I could put on a crockpot so they'd be ready when we walked in the door.)

drinks: lemonade, ice tea, softdrinks

I don't know what kind of dessert to do, I"m open for ideas.

Any tips on how to do this on the cheap are appreciated. 


Re: Cheap entertaining ideas needed only 6 adults

  • Are you wanting to sit down for a meal? or are you wanting more appetizer snacking type things? 

    Wraps are easy to do and you can make the day ahead or the morning of.  That will save some money right there.  Since there are only 6 there is no need for 3 kinds of meat.  One, maybe two, are fine.

    For a meal- skip the cheese tray and veggie tray and meatballs.  Do a broccoli salad/tossed salad/fruit salad with the potato salad and you will be fine. 

    For snacking- I'd cut out the potato salad and add a fruit tray and some chips and dip.

    For dessert- strawberry shortcake or strawberry pie would be cheap and easy.  Or brownies and ice cream if you are using fruit with the other food.

  • that's fine.  Or if your daughter loves pizza you could do pizza and salad and brownines or a cake for dessert.  

  • I think you're ideas sound great!  Make your own dips/sauces to save bit of $$ - sour cream is the cheapest most delicious base you can buy, and you can go either way (sweet for fruit or savory/spicy for veggies and chips).  A lot of times I'll just get a container of sour cream for 89 cents and then just throw in whatever I can find in the fridge/cupboard - even just salt and lots of pepper is sometimes delish.

    For dessert, it would be sweet to ask your daughter what she would like, so that dessert is to celebrate her recital.  Or maybe make something you know she likes as a surprise, or get her favorite ice cream flavor with a special mix in or something. 

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    My sweet babies:

  • Fruit skewers and yogurt dipping sauce for easy desserts.  You can buy the fruit already cut up (melon, berries, pineapple).  Just add some honey to plain yogurt for the sauce.
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