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Canceled our anniversary trip.

DH and I made a decision last night to cancel our 1-year anniversary trip to SF/Napa/Big Sur. We were really reluctant to cancel it, and I'm upset about it, but it was absolutely the smartest decision considering our financial situation.

We are paying off our debt like mad, trying to get it gone in time to look at homes this fall. Everything we want for the future is based on getting this debt paid off - home, travel, starting a family. Now is just not a smart time for us to be spending money on a trip like that. We were planning to spend some savings and our stimulus check on this trip.

The thing is, we're hoping to TTC in a year or two, and wanted to travel a bit before then. The hardest thing to swallow was realizing we won't be able to. We realized that we had to sacrifice something, and lavish vacations were it. We'll have to save those for when we're older and we don't have so many other important things to save for.

So, we're going to drive to Maine and go camping for a few nights instead. It'll be less than a third of the cost of the SF trip - our "vacation fund" can cover camping in Maine, so we won't have to dip into savings or use our stimulus check for it.

Tell me we did the right thing! I'm still feeling mopey about it. :-/

Re: Canceled our anniversary trip.

  • Aww Amie, sorry to hear that.  Sad  It does sound like you are doing the right thing though.  You need that $$ for really important things that mean a lot to you, and even though it was hard, its good that you guys were able to prioritize like that.

    And, (I always tell DH this) just because you have kids doesn't mean you can't travel!  A fun vacation to Disney World, the Grand Canyon, a cruise, etc. are all definitely possible with kids.  Smile  It may just be a different sort of traveling than what you were used to before.

    Either way, you guys will have fun in Maine, and when you are TTC I bet you will look back on this decision favorably!

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  • I think you made a very smart decision.
  • Aw, I know it stinks, but you'll have a good time in Maine too...and have the joy of knowing that you didn't have to dip into savings for it.
  • Sorry you had to cancel your trip but it does sound like you've made the right decision.
  • I think your forward thinking will pay off and it will be well worth it. When planning smaller trips, it helps to live in New England, where we're near so many beautiful spots that make for more affordable vacations. And the company is the most important part, no matter where you are :)

  • I think you both made the best decision. Sometimes those are the most difficult to make because they don't seem as fun.  However when you buy your first home and have a family, you'll reap the benefits from the decisions you made today.  I beleive that you'll still be able to make those special trips sooner than you believe, you won't have to wait for the wrinkles!! :)  My husband and I bought a house and year ago and I wouldn't have thought that we would be going on a cruise in two weeks.  We have been fortunate to find a budget for it but needed to think long term first. (Such as a house)  We are looking at this cruise as our babymoon.  We will still plan to do weekend trips or creative ways to do the things on our travel dream list when we have a family. It just might mean it might take a year or two longer to save.  Just think however much money you're saving from this trip, you are that much closer to your goa! I'm happy for you and all the exciting things that will come in your future!!! A house, family!!! Exciting things!
  • You are making the right decision. I think one of the mistakes that new couples make is they get so wrapped up in the "new life" ;House, vacation, baby, etc and they forget how much everything costs.

    You are being smart. It will make you so much happier in the end and you will have a great time in Maine. I am from Maine and there are so many beautiful places. Plus you will be together, making memories.


  • You have more will power than DH and I!
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  • Jill and jack - I'm from Maine too! Where about for you? I graduated from Lewiston High but lived all over Maine before that.
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