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nanny/childcare ?

Have been thinking about maybe watching one chld in my home to make some extra $ to help w/ bills.  Does anyone know what someone would charge for that?  What would you pay if you were wanting to use in-home daycare? Also what is the liability insurance wise?  I know dh & I would need to baby -proof the house first but we need to do that for Liam anyway. tia

Re: nanny/childcare ?

  • Could you shoot me an at gmail dot com  Thanks!
  • We're going to be researching this soon ourselves... I'd love to hear what you come up with.  I figured I'd just see how much infant care is at daycares and then pay a %age of that? 

    I don't know what the %age would be, though.  I'd also like to arrange for the babe to be with the nanny 3 days/week and only pay for the 3 days/week (unlike a traditional daycare, where it's all or nothing). 

    For us, it's also a consideration of the job that the Nanny/SAHM is leaving... she's working part time at an insurance company. I can't imagine she's making that much, but we'd definitely need to pay her as much as she's earning there or more.

     Please post back when you pick a #!


  • we were lucky enough to find someone that was very flexible!  with my dh's schedule (he's a pilot) there are some weeks he's home 3 days and some weeks he's not home at all (weekdays).  She's extremely flexible and if we're not there we don't pay.  BUT, i think this is just extra income for them and not her necessarily trying to make a living by it.  we did meet with a couple other people that wanted us to pay full time whether we were there or not and that's fine, but that's not what we wanted.  I also met with another lady that wanted us to pay her when SHE was on vacation.  I thought that was a little much.  I know we should treat it like it's their job, but i also think that's the cut they take when they decide to stay home.  This is for in home care (i'm not sure about centers).  I take DS to her home.  I pay $25 a day, which i know is extremely reasonable and we found others from anywhere from 30-40 a day.  That's getting a little close to daycenter pay, so like i said, we're just extremely lucky to find her. 

    I also looked at how many kids she was watching, etc.  she just had ds as an infant and her 2 yr old.  now she's got 2 other little boys (ages 2 and 3) and that's all i want her to have.  she's very open and told me before hand, but i told her that if she got any more, that we'd have to find someone else.  it's just an agreement we have.  that's why i love her!

     i would also add that it's not your responsibility to pay her as much as she was making at the job she's leaving.  that's why she'd have more than one child to watch or realize she's taking a cut to stay home.  We also met my babysitter's husband and kids at their house and she showed us around.  i would say it's the mother's intuition.  We met with a few and there was only one that i said "no way". LOL.  All the others were good, just not what we were looking for w/$$ and flexibility.  This was by far the hardest thing to do to try and find someone you trust with your child.. especially an infant.

    GL! Let me know if you have any other specific questions and i'll try to help as much as possible.  it's a really tough process and the only big advice i'll give you is to start early!! people are booked so far in advance!

    ****My boys....****
  • my response didn't make much sense because i thought i was replying to DG1.  This format shows the previous post not the original post!  i hope it helps you though.  sorry! i hate this new format!  Sorry DG!

    ****My boys....****
  • It really depends on the age of the child you are watching.

    When I was looking for my son (when he was 7 months) I was paying $30 a day. but for my daughter who was 3, I was paying $20 a day.

  • We have a nanny that comes to our house and only watches our child.  So, not exactly the same situation, but we pay her $10/hr. This is for part-time 27 hrs per wk.  If we did full-time, we could probably negotiate her down to $300/wk for 40 hrs.
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