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Oh interesting story. I almost lost an eye.

I couldn't find scissors tonight so I used nail clippers to cut my yarn. As soon as I pressed down the damn things busted into five pieces of broken metal and one flew up and hit my eye. It hurt really really bad. Luckily I have eyelids that move faster than the speed of light and they protected the ball.

I'm just glad that I wasn't cutting my nails. If yarn did that much damage my fingernail probably would have vaporized the things.

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Re: Oh interesting story. I almost lost an eye.

  • OMG glad you have quick eyelids....I thought maybe GFIL puched you.
  • Dude I'm like a ninja. I'd be all over gramps before he fully cocked a fist.

    Nail clippers are my weakness.

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  • Hyfa, you have more mishaps than the 3 Stooges.  I think we need to put you in a bubble.


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