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Fashionistas, a ?

Is it fashionable or typical to wear hosiery with dresses or skirts anymore?

I'm looking at some fashion photos of Michelle Obama (who I think is quite fashionable) and I can't quite tell if she's wearing hosiery or not for the most part.  I would think that it's only proper, at least from a more conservative look for someone such as the First Lady to wear some sort of hosiery, and I know in some of them she is, but it seems in a lot of them, it looks like she's not. FTR, I'm not judging her, I'm just trying to figure out the trend. I hate my feet sticking to my shoes if I'm not wearing socks or some kind of hosiery, but I do like the nude legs/natural look a lot better than the stocking look.  The stocking looks seems so granny sometimes and that's so not Michelle Obama.

Re: Fashionistas, a ?

  • I'm not really a fashionista, but I think hose are out. ?Opaque tights are great with the right outfit but I don't think I know anyone who still wears hose. ?I think for most skirts and dresses just use a little moisturizer or bronzer and, if you want them, those little socks that you can't really see and you're good to go! ?


  • My vote is that hose are out. Opaque tights, yes. Hose, no.

    In the summer especially, I wouldn't wear hose. If you're wearing sandals anyway, I would think that your feet wouldn't really stick to your shoes.

    If you want to wear pumps, sometimes you can find those little sockies that you can't see over the tops of your shoes. Maybe look into those??

  • BCarp30BCarp30 member
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    I've always grown up with strict rules like you always wear pantyhose before 5, only diamond jewelry is appropriate after 5 and white shoes/purses can be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  I know these can seem outdated but I think it's a much better look.  It also depends on the event and for example, I wouldn't wear hose to The Derby.  I do think that in her position she should be wearing hose more because she should be so formal
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  • I got these for my wedding to keep my feet from sticking to my shoes and they are pretty awesome.  I didn't want that foot sticky sound when I was walking down the aisle you know?  I got some for some other shoes I have too.
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