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fruit ?

Every morning for work I make a fruit salad for breakfast. I cut up an orange, banana, strawberries, and blue berries. I add cinnamon for more flavor. This morning he tells me that he thinks I eat to much fruit and that it is not good for me, Is he right ? I thought I could not go wrong with fruit.



Re: fruit ?

  • First of all who is "he"? Second of all "he" is on crack! You can never get too much fruit!
  • You can't eat too much fruit.

    Well... maybe if that's all you ate, but we're recommended to get 5-9 servings of fruit and veg perday.

    And who is "he"? Your story makes it sound like God criticizes your fuit intake.

  • Sorry, my DH is the "he". I thought he was crazy I just wanted to ask :)



  • My favorite health tip ever: "No one ever got fat from eating too much fruit."

    I'd watch your bread, pasta, sweets, etc, but I'd eat all the fruit you want.  Really.

  • There are some silly dillies on the boards tonight, he he :)
  • The nutrition advice I've gotten before is to be sure to have some protein in the morning, so maybe just add some egg whites or a glass of milk or something with your morning fruit as well. 

  • imageuncannycanuck:

    And who is "he"? Your story makes it sound like God criticizes your fuit intake.

    This made me snort. LOL

  • If you were diabetic and watching your sugar intake then yeah, you'd want to keep an eye on the number of naturally sugary fruits you had.  But in general, no, you really can't get too much. 

    And that fruit salad for breakfast sounds SO GOOD!

  • Maybe what he meant to say was that maybe you should have some protein in the morning to go with all your fruit, like a cheese stick. ?I would prob leave out the banana too much sugar.
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