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Anyone read "a tree grows in Brooklyn"

Just picked it up from a yard sale last weekend any good?

Re: Anyone read "a tree grows in Brooklyn"

  • NSLNSL member
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    It's FAR better than "good".  Happy reading!
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  • I was thinking about posting about this book too!  I've checked it out three times now and either didn't even start it or only read a couple of chapters.  I want to read it because I keep hearing how great it is but it seems like there's always something else I would rather read.  Someday I will read it!
  • This *may* be my favorite book -- EVER (if not, definitely in the top three). ?Enjoy!
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  • I read it once as a girl, and remember loving it, although I can't remember the details of it. I have a really old copy on my shelf (hardcover) from a yard sale a while ago, and I have been meaning to re-read it. 
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  • One of the best books I have ever read!

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  • I'm so glad to see the positive feedback about this book.  It's been sitting on my bookshelf for quite awhile now.  I plan on reading it since I'm working on reading all of the books I own but haven't read yet.  Now, I feel much better about reading it.  Smile
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  • My sister's review from GoodReads

    "I liked the book for the strong female characters (Francie, Kate, even Sissy) all doing what they feel they needed to do to support their family and themselves. It's uplifting to read that, in any situation, you can find happiness thru family routines and small acts create lasting memories for children. I need to remember that more often when dealing with my own kids. Small acts & words can create unmeasurable happiness and seemingly small brush-offs can be burned in a child's mind forever."

    Sounds like a good book to me! 


  • Awesome, I just requested this one on PBS!
  • avila01avila01 member
    Sixth Anniversary Combo Breaker

    I just read it for the first time a couple months ago.  Here's the link to the review I put in my blog:

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  • liz18tliz18t member
    Fifth Anniversary
    This is my all time favorite book! 
  • Wow, I really need to try this one again. I've started it a few times, most recently getting about 80 pages in, and I just wasn't into it at all, I thought it was really boring. But so many people love it!
  • i read it a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it :o)
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