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Just wondering what ever happened with that situation with your STBX FIL and the email that was sent?  Did you pursue it at all? 

Re: **mcshee2be**

  • Hey!

    Actually, I discussed things with my ex.  He brought it up and asked if I had gotten the email.  I said yes we got into it a bit, and I let him know that I was grateful to his father for giving me more "amo" to use in court.  

    He shut his foul mouth pretty fast.

    I have not pursued it past that point.  Since then I have not heard from X-FIL and my ex has been tolerable.  By that I mean he does not spout off his mouth any more.  Silent and miserable, but I'll take it over the constant torrent of viciousness prior.

    I think he is getting it.  Not in the ways I wish he would but, getting it none the less.  I wish he would see how it damages his son, and make changes.  But he won't.  However he sees how this could really hurt HIM personally and so he has adjusted his attitude.

    I monitor Bright.  After visits.  Watching to see if I can see anything.  He seems okay.  So for now.  It remains.

    I know it is not perfect.  Maybe not ideal.  But, it is what it is.


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