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Do you use a sonic care toothbrush?

I posted this over on WC, but it's health related so I thought I would ask you ladies also.  Do you have any opinions on the sonic care?  My dentist strongly suggested the spendy little turbo brush b/c apparently I'm not an effective brusher (and a huge dental phobe.)

Do you or DH use one, what do you think?  and which model?  TIA

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Re: Do you use a sonic care toothbrush?

  • We have them. I don't know which model, though. It was a Christmas present from my grandparents. We love it. I'm not really an effective brusher either and I can tell a huge difference between when I use the Sonic Care and when I use the regular toothbrush.

    Look for them on sale. Kohl's carries them and so does Costco. My grandparents bought them for the whole family (14 of us) and bought them at both places (one place for the singles, one place for the one for two people). And they are pretty reasonable. And you can get the replacement brushes at WalMart for a decent price.

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  • We love ours! I work in a dental office and know the importance of good brushing. I only brush with mine once a day and manual the other two. Just personal preference that way. They are worth the money though. The newest model, the one that has the UV sanitizer, is the best so far. There is less vibration in the handle and it is smaller. Hope that helps!
  • Love mine!  I've had it for a couple of years now, actually.  I used to use the Crest SpinBrushPro before that...but put some Sears gift cards towards the Sonicare.  I was excited to get one...I know, it's prob weird).  I like that in the same amount of time I would spend brushing, my teeth feel like I just left the dentist.

    I'm a bit of a dental hygiene freak...I had a few cavities after age 18 (none before) and it seems my teeth are pretty sensitive to them so I do everything I can to prevent it (it sucks when you floss every night, don't drink soda or eat lots of candy, etc...and they tell you you have a cavity right after telling you how great your teeth look...argh)!  Since using the Sonicare (plus prescription toothpaste) I've had better dentist visits. 

    I have the Elite I believe...they still have it but it's one of the older models.

  • DH and I both have Sonic Care toothbrushes.  We have the Essence version.  My teeth are so much brighter, my gums are more healthy, and my dentist is very pleased with the results.  I highly recommend this toothbrush to everyone and would never go back to using a regular toothbrush. 
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  • I love my Sonicare - I'm actually on my 2nd one. My old one was an "Elite" and lasted 5 yrs until the battery just didn't hold a charge anymore. I just bought it a few months ago so I just did all this research. 

    There are basically two Sonicare types  - one that has a head with a big ring around that you "twist" on (I think the "Essence" is this type as was my old "Elite") and the newer versions with the "ProHealth" head (IIRC) which you just snap on (used by "FlexCare" and "Healthy White"). I can tell you from experience that the snap on heads are SO much more sanitary. It's easier to clean and you don't have to worry about having to take the head apart to clean it. I also honestly think they clean better due to a new bristle design.

    I have the FlexCare with the UV sanitizer and I love having the sanitizer unit. You just put the head on a little peg mount, close the door and hit the button and it cleans it in a few minutes. I'm not sure if other models have a version that come with the sanitizer, but the FlexCare does.

    I would also recommend pricing them out on Amazon, eBay, and any local club stores you may be a member of. Also check out the reviews on Amazon, though they can be overwhelming. eBay often has the best prices because they sell the wholesale models that dentists sell their patients. Come to think of it, I've bought both of mine from there, go figure. The last one I think was by a seller named "powerdental" or something like that and I was happy with the purchase.

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