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UCSD vs. Mary Birch (labor question)


I am having trouble deciding between the two.  I love the idea of giving birth at Mary Birch because it's so well known, I have a good friend who is a nurse there, and I know a lot of women who have given birth there....  BUT, I researched UCSD, and they have a whole birthing center that I think looks amazing.  I would love to not be hooked up the whole time, to have the freedom to roam the halls, do some yoga poses, sit on an "birthing" ball, and take a bath.  And the greatest thing is that if/when I need an epidural, I can easily be moved up to the labor & delivery floor.  They also have midwives that deliver the babies, and free doula service...

 So, all of that said, what do you think I should do?  I would love to hear from anyone who's given birth at UCSD, because I don't personally know anyone who's had a baby there, in the birthing center.


Re: UCSD vs. Mary Birch (labor question)

  • I wish I could be of help, but no babies for me yet! All I know is my sister had her baby at Mary Birch and loved it (Dr. Peterson was her OBGYN) and before it was Mary Birch, my husband was born there!

    UCSD birthing center sounds amazing! I've heard its a very reputable hospital, I'm sure you can't go wrong.

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  • Have you looked to see if Mary Birch has tubs? I gave birth at Kaiser Zion and had everything but the tub. But the shower felt damn good. Depending on your labor you might not even have a chance to use all of the above :)

    They had to induce me with pitocin (not my choice... I wanted to go natural) so I only got to use the ball for so long before it was way too painful. I tried switching positions but when it got to be too bad I had to get an epi and labor in bed.

    I would suggest touring both hospitals and seeing which one you feel most comfortable with. They give tours all the time for those who are in their 3rd trimester but I'm sure they'd let you tour as well!

    Married 6-30-07, BFP 9-1-07, M/C & D&C 10-5-07, BFP #2 6-20-08, BFP #3 3-28-2010 Mommy to Ethan born 2-22-09 7lbs 13.5oz & 21" long SAL Buddy to March04b2b image Family Blog|Food Blog
  • Thank you ladies!

    Mrsandanigirl8, thanks for sharing your labor experience.  It seems to never end up how you originally plan, from all the stories I've heard.

  • Mrsdanigirl8, I have some questions about Kaiser Zion labor and delivery stuff.  Would you be open to answering some questions via email?  If so, email me at [email protected] or let me know how to PM you.  TIA!
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