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Swine Flu

I usually post on MM and I know on there so many people are afraid of this virus (flu). I am not afraid of this....I am not reading up on it or anything...Anyone else have this laid back attidue here?
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Re: Swine Flu

  • Yeah, there are about 5+ posts about this on the first page alone if you'd like to read our opinions on the topic.

    ETA:  Ok, 3, but still!

  • image BatB!tch:
    Yeah, there are about 5+ posts about this on the first page alone if you'd like to read our opinions on the topic.

    Ditto. I think our opinions on the mass hysteria are well documented at this point.

  • I'm concerned (I'm pregnant and have a child under 5 at home), but I'm not giving into the hysteria that seems to have taken over other boards. I'm watching my daughter, husband, and myself for symptoms and I'm making sure we're all careful.
  • One of the other moms at DD's daycare works for the CDC and sent all of us a link to the CDC website about identifying possible H1N1 flu symptoms in small children and when to seek emergency medical care, and I read it, but it was mostly common sense stuff.

    I just can't bring myself to get all worked up about this (and I have a 9 month old and am pregnant, so we're both considered "high risk" groups for flu complications) until there are people dropping over in the streets because there is no room in the hospitals.

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  • Some of those women on The Bump have gone truly crackers.

     There are how many cases worldwide -- under 300?

    The CDC today confirmed 109 cases of swine flu in 11 states. Confirmed cases of swine flu worldwide increased to 236, the World Health Organization reported. An official who traveled to Mexico City to support President Obama's delegation developed flu-like symptoms, the White House said today. It's not yet known if the official has swine flu. full story
    How the heck is this something to get into panic mode over?
  • image TarponMonoxide:
    How the heck is this something to get into panic mode over?

    To play devil's advocate, this kind of interspecies disease is something which could cause a serious pandemic among humans.  I understand why the CDC & WHO are worried about it... they deal with infectious disease in 3rd world nations, in slums, etc., and it's kind of their job to stay on top of this kind of thing.  In places like that, a disease like this can spread very rapidly and since humans may have very limited immunity to this strain it could be devastating.

    That said, if you are receiving minute-by-minute updates on this situation via  You probably have access to some kind of sanitation.  Wash your fvcking hands, don't let your kid lick strangers and you'll come out fine.

  • One good thing about this is that a very simple anti-viral med called Tamiflu is very affective against this virus.
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