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4 garlic bulbs = painful to swallow

So, I don't usually share my stupid moments but lately it seems like we have all gotten some kind of bad news and thought we needed a laugh. 

DH and I went to SIL's a couple weeks ago and she shared her hummus recipe with us since it is sooo good.  Last night I decided to make it since DH and I bought all the ingredients last week.  The recipe calls for four cloves of garlic.  I wasn't sure if a clove is the little pieces or the whole thing since I have never cooked a whole garlic (I usually cheat and buy it in a jar).  I asked DH since his family LOVES garlic and he said it was the whole thing.

So, I put all four garlics and the other stuff in the processor (in the back of mind, I kept thinking geez, that is alot of garlic!).  I was so proud of myself because it looked so good and DH loves hummus so I knew he would be excited.  Then, I took a bite...and it burned the whole way down!  DH came home and tried to be nice and ate several bites, he even tried to help me salvage it.  We wound up throwing it away, googling "garlic clove", and making a new batch which tastes great.

DH and I still have garlic breath today from tasting the first batch. Moral of the story: 1. Don't listen to DH  2. Google is great  3. Garlic can be dangerous

Re: 4 garlic bulbs = painful to swallow

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