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Re: Something to read...

  • of course its "easy" to give kids already prepared food, but being a parent isn't always about taking the easiest route.

    this is a sad story.

  • I don't even know what to say about this.  It's actually not that hard to figure out what to feed babies that age - just look at the jars of baby food on the shelves for ideas.  And it is easy to have prepared meals all the time, but it's not that hard to prepare stuff yourself.  I feel so bad for her children.
  • Sure it is easy to give kids already prepared food...I suppose I do, execpt I make all of RJs food and freeze it then I just take it out in the mornig put it in the fridge and heat up in a pot for his meal. 

    It is hard work being a parent and of triplets sure, but there is always downtime in a day. 

    This is super sad.

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  • That?s just wrong, those poor babies. 6 months is not a hard age to figure out food, I mean come on! At 2-3 when they?re picky, maybe?


    That is just setting them on a path for disaster health wise ? look at the example they have to follow. It?s sad?

  • Indifferent

    Can't child authorities get involved somehow? Some people shock me.

  • 'I feed my babies vegetables every Sunday"

    Are you frickin kidding me??  That's all I have to say about that... stupid *ahem*

    Kristin & Dave


    Happy Easter

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