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deleted facebook

I just wanted to notify all you lovely ladies, I deleted my facebook account, I am so so so sick of all the family drama and the way certain family members feel it is appropriate to watch RJ grow up on I just am done with it for a while. 

 I was not able to send everyone a message but it was not personal and DEFINATLEY not anyone from here, but my facebook account is gone. 

 Hopefully I will be able to spend more time on here.

Talk soon ladies!

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Re: deleted facebook

  • Thanks for the heads up! I'm gonna miss all the pics though :( To be honest, I am a bit guilty of this when it comes to my niece and nephew - should make more time for face time with them, instead of just online pics.
  • So sorry that the family drama has gotten this far Sad

    We're here for you, just make sure you continue to update us with adorable pics of RJ!

  • Sorry about the family drama :( It's never fun. There are times I feel like deleting my account too only because all communication goes through facebook these days - I mean, why can't you just pick up the phone?!

    I hope we'll see more of you here though :) 

  • sorry that you've been going through this with your family, Rebecca. I'll miss seeing his pics.

    I must say though, that this is one of the reasons why I like FB. My family (and friends) live pretty far away, and they don't get to see N often. So I enjoy putting videos of N on there so they can see him growing up. I'll often get emails (or hear through my mom) from them how much they love the videos. but then again, these are ppl who live far away... may not be the same situation you are in.

  • I will most definatley put up photos of RJ, I will have to use shutterfly or something like that!

     Rachel:  Some of our family lives far away as well but these ones keep in touch with us as well, phone and emails, but then there are certain family members taht feel the need to not respond to anything, no photos, videos, emails, or phone calls, it is really dishearting (not sure of the spelling) so that is just why I did it, maybe in a while we might reactivate it but otherwise for the time being this is the best for us.


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  • Thanks for letting us know. I'm going to miss you on there :( You know you could always reactivate it and block your family members, wink wink.
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  • I will keep in touch with you, don't worry!!! Still don't know when I will be making it to Edmonton. But hopefully in May or early June. Are there any weekends that work best for you?
  • Aww I'll miss you Rebecca :-(  RJ is such a cutie and I always love looking at his new pictures but I can totally understand your reasoning.  Sometimes these things just have to be done for our sanity.

    Make sure you keep us updated on things here instead:-)

  • Awww I liked looking at the pictures too! He's such a cutie.

     This may be a dumb question, but couldn't you have kept your account and just stopped putting pictures of your kid up there? I mean obviously you don't have to have one if you don't want one. But if you still do want a fb account there's no reason you can't reinstate it and just take down all the pictures, and not put any new ones up. 

    Good luck with the family drama. It doesn't sound fun. 

  • Aw, that's too bad - I love seeing all the updated pics and videos of Rylan. I totally understand why you'd want to get rid of FB for a while though.

    Just a thought - my FB is uber private and I'm not searchable... maybe go on and change your privacy settings and get rid of the family members who bother you?

    Hopefully we'll still get Rylan updates!

  • Rebecca,

    I am going to miss seeing all the new pics of RJ you have to promise to e-mail me new pictures of him =)



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  • Rebecca I'm sorry the drama has gotten this far Sad

    Like Rachel, I have alot of family on Facebook for just the reason you deleted your account. We're all just too busy and live too far to get together regularly, so we all get to stay in touch via fb.


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  • I'm sorry you had to delete your account because of family drama.  I've had my share so I can somewhat understand.

    Did you get the message I sent you on facebook before you deleted it?

    Kristin & Dave


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  • That's too bad, I'm going to miss all the Rylan pics :( You're just going to have to post more here then ;-) But I completely understand where you are coming from.
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