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- mrshooi -

I have a quick question I was hoping you could answer for me.

Who generally becomes the care provider for a child once he/she is born? Is it common in Oz to get a pediatrician, or do you go to a well baby clinic, or simply see a/your GP? I'm a bit confused about this, since I've heard about the maternal and child health centres, but I'm not quite sure what services they provide, and to whom. 


PS - How is your pregnancy coming along? Feeling okay? And how is it to be back at work? 

Re: - mrshooi -

  • Hi,

    I will answer to the best of my ability as I am not 100% sure.  They definately get a paediatrician after they are born that will check them over and do their six week check post partum, you will also have a GP, usually the same one you see that you can take them to for things like colds and stuff.  The child health clinic will be for immunisations and watching their growth and filling out their health booklets that you will get at birth.  HTH?

    Pregnancy is going well, just started to feel the baby move this week which was such a great feeling, being back at work is tiring but going well, it is nice to have some interaction with people and feel as though I am helping afford things for the baby.  I just have to remember that I can't do as much on my days off, which I find really frustrating!

    I am so glad your appointment went well this morning.

    Jakarta, Indonesia. image Pregnancy Ticker
  • Thanjk you so much! I thought this was the division of tasks, but I wasn't sure. It makes sense, though. Now I just need to go out and find a GP I actually like, also for me and DH, since I'd like us all in the same place.

    That's so exciting that you can feel the baby move! A few more weeks, and your DH should be able to feel it, to. I think my DH felt her move for the first time around 22 weeks. Now we can actually see her move, and DH can feel her 'kick' his back when I place the bump against him. She's insanely active at this point, to the point that it will sometimes hurt. It looks like she's trying to push her way out of my stomach, and most of the time the bump is lopsided because of her position ;-)

    I admire you for being able to work while pg! I don't know how well I would have done, and I've had a very easy pregnancy. I can understand the frustration at not being able to do as much on days off, though. I guess that means your DH will just have to pitch in more ;-) I wish I could get my DH to do more, but since I'm home all day, I'd feel bad for asking. 

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