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Ugh... So sick...

I feel sicker now than I was previously.  For one thing, I'm sneezing my head off this time.  Thank goodness Irene decided to take a long nap today.  I got a much-needed 2 hours of extra sleep.  I don't feel too much better, but I was at least able to get up to make a sandwich and start the cloth diaper laundry.  Now, if I can just wash out the recyclables and sort the rest of the laundry, I will feel as if I've actually accomplished something.

Re: Ugh... So sick...

  • Make sure you don't overdo it! I know being a SAHM/SAHW makes you feel like you need to have something to show DH at the end of the day to justify your being at home, but it's important for Irene to have a mommy who feels okay.

    I suggest doing only that which is strictly necessary (ie the diaper laundry), and tackling the rest when you feel a bit better. Right now the most important thing is that you get better. And, if your DH is anything like mine, you'll need to conserve your energy for making dinner tonight (that's something I hardly ever get out of, because DH comes home late). 

  • I hear you on feeling the need to get stuff done!  Is the crap in the air bothering you again or is it something else?  Regardless, I'm glad the baby cooperated for you today and I hope you feel better tout suite!
  • Nope, this time it is a lovely cold courtesy of DH via DD.  I've been running a fever of 100 F + and have a cough and lots and lots of sneezing.  I'm about to lose my mind from all the sneezing.
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