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Good morning!

Happy thursday ladies! Thank goodness it's almost the weekend again :-)

I had a great afternoon with my visitors yesterday, but it left me exhausted. I'm actually posting and running now, since I have to go to my OB appointment. I hope I don't fall asleep on the train and miss my stop!

Re: Good morning!

  • Good morning!

    Viv- how are you feeling today?  

    Today is a great day for me- we don't have to work tomorrow!  So that means drinks and lounging around after work!  I can't wait!  Also, DH and I will be in the states this summer (GA) and I just found a dog park near our house where we can take our pups to get some much needed exercise!  I'm so happy about that- China is not the place to have big dogs!

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  • Good luck at your OB appt!  I bet you can't wait to hear how the little one is doing! :)
  • Thanks for the sweet responses, kellibelli and AttaKat! My OB appt went well - he says all the cramping is due to the fact that my uterus is stretching to accomodate baby's head, since she's dropped. He gets pretty rough when he's palpating my stomach to feel the baby, though, so I had some pretty painful cramping right afterwards. Feeling great now, though, and happy there's some progress!

    And before I forget: Happy Queen's Day to all the NL ladies! Don't forget to wear orange ;-) 

  • Oh my goodness, Viv, you're really in the homestretch!  Hooray!  Glad to hear that things are fine, and little one can stay inside for a while longer :)

    I'm also super excited that tomorrow is a holiday.  We're off to the Spring Fest tomorrow (like Oktoberfest in the spring, in Stuttgart.)  Then we're having dinner with DH's cousin who he only met last year. 

    Have a great day / weekend to everyone starting their weekend today!

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  • Morning!

    It's DH's last day at work. I think we'll have a quiet evening at home tonight before a weekend of trying to get a million things done before we leave.

    Just heard from my bff who is getting married at the end of May and I'm going to get to hang out with her the entire weekend before the wedding! I'm really looking forward to home now :)

    viv-good luck at your appointment!

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  • image ctgirlingermany:

    I'm also super excited that tomorrow is a holiday.  We're off to the Spring Fest tomorrow (like Oktoberfest in the spring, in Stuttgart.) 

    That sounds like so much fun! Is it traditional to dress up for the occasion as well (dirndl, lederhosen, etc), or is that just for Oktoberfest? Have you got your beers picked out? 

  • Ooh Vivjek, you sound like you are really getting close!  I remember that feeling!  By the end, you're just begging to have your pelvis to yourself again, lol.
  • Good morning! Viv, I'm glad things are going ok and it's all completely normal :) We're supposed to go to baby group this afternoon, and I hope I get some motivation before then b/c I'm just feeling tired and cranky. (DH woke me and W up at 5:30 this mornign b/c he had to go to the bathroom and I'm unreasonably annoyed with him...)
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  • lelialelia member
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    Morning! I?m off in a bit to get some pots for my tomatoe plants and some dirt. I?ll also be browsing to see if they have any nice plants I might want .....Zip it! Just don?t tell my husband! Then it?s off to teach and my pilates class this evening.
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  • Afternoon!  I am just back in the door from work, what a day!  I am looking forward to cooking up a big batch of soup for work next week and a yummy casserole, it is getting a bit cooler here at night so winter food is high on my list of must haves!
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  • hello everyone

    vivjek - glad to hear your OB appt went well & that you know what the cramping is from now!

    I have had a VERY busy day at work, nearly time to go now.... I am SO glad we are meeting up with some good friends who live near where we work tonight - we  haven't seen them in weeks and dh & I need to get out of the house & destress a bit YAY!

  • Good morning ladies!  It's a good day my way.  I slept and our vacation plans are all sorted so that's exciting for us.  Other than that, just hanging out today, going to treat myself to a Starbucks and then I am heading to the embroiderers (sp?) and grocery shopping.
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  • Good morning! I got another job offer today, so now I have a big decision to make. Argh!
  • Good Morning!! Happy Thursday to everyone!!

    I am up super early because I am working a 7 AM event. I am exhausted! Glad it is almost Friday though! 



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