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SIL is getting married


Re: SIL is getting married

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    Oh, and MY SIL is getting married in August to someone she's literally met five times in real life. :P  What I learned from the ladies around here when I posted about that issue on FM is that 1.) It's none of your business 2.) Don't let what other people do affect you and 3.) You have no reason to talk because of *insert reason here*!


    I met my husband once before I moved in with him. Granted, he lived in Tokyo and I lived in WI, so constantly flying to see each other was out of the question. We met and spent a week together in Tokyo and a few months later I had moved in with him into an apartment. A month after that, we were married. 

    And I, too, am a VERY young bride-- married at 18, but currently my marriage is faring far better than my cousin's, who also married at 18 (we're about six months apart)... she's a huge party girl and I was never into anything wild. I'm more the intellectual type. 

    If you're sad about the whole wedding thing, I'd get over it. My husband and I just had a legal wedding-- we got married at the Ministry of Justice with his mom there because she had to bring him his ink stamp (they use stamps instead of written signatures here in Japan). We're going to have a wedding once we're both graduated from college and are financially stable to have one. 

    So just be happy that she's going to have a wedding with you guys around. At least you'll have something!

    Indifferent  And really because one is not enough.... Indifferent Indifferent Indifferent

    Please come to our wedding...yes, we've been married for 6 years, but that's not really the point, is it? Tongue Tied


    Welcome to my dojo.
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