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My doggies are so lazy...

...that they didn't even make a peep or move off of our bed when dh came home for lunch or went upstairs to use the bathroom that is RIGHT NEXT to our bedroom.  And he only comes home for lunch a few times a month so it's not like they're used to him being there.  I wish I could have their lazy life!
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Re: My doggies are so lazy...

  • I wish mine could of been like that today. They jumped on me to wake me up and kept at it till i left for work, and started it all again when i got home! The only reason I can type right now is because they are eating. I agree with you though, how nice it would be to have a lazy life like that!!!
  • I dream of days when my dogs are like that. They hop around and all over anyone that comes in the house.
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  • Ha ha. As I was leaving for work this morning, I thought to myself "man, I wish I was a dog so I could snooze all day and just hang out". That must be the good life! Especially my doggie - he's spoiled rotten!
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  • Last Saturday we were all outside for a number of hours working in the yard and garage.  Roxy was out there with us. When she's outside, she never lays her head down. She's always watching, sniffing, etc.   By the time we came inside for a late lunch, I looked at her and said, "Wow, Roxy.  You must be tired.  Usually you spend all morning sleeping!" 

  • I rember when they were crazy youngsters so I am doubly thanful for their current laziness!
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