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thank you for the kind words in my post below!

You girls are the best!  Cali is home now and I bawled like a baby when she was the only carrier that DH brought in.  I think that she has been looking for Bella=(  We will probably be adopting another kitty in the near future.  I think that Cali really needs a friend.  But I am not really sure I can right now, as I feel like we would be "replacing" her. 

Thanks again!

Re: thank you for the kind words in my post below!

  • Hi Faith,

    Welcome back, I didn't get to respond to your earlier post, but I wanted to say I am so sorry about Bella, she sounds like she was a wonderful cat.  Hugs to you!


    Proud Mama to two sweet kiddos.
  • I too didn't respond to your earlier post as I'm trying to catch up, but I'm really sorry to hear about Bella :( It's never easy to lose a pet. Lots of hugs to you!
  • Thinking of you Faith....
  • :(  I'm sorry.  Losing a pet is sooo incredibly hard.
  • Hey Faith! I am so sorry that Bella had to be put down. I am thinking of you and M and the kids.

    I hope that your trip to SD was awesome in spite of the sadness.

  • for some reason your earlier post and this one brought tears to my eyes and I couldn't respond (I was at work). I really hope you feel better soon, it would be so hard to lose a pet, especially when you didn't have the chance to say good bye.

    My parents recently put my childhood dog to sleep, he would've turned 17 last week!! It is hard because there are so many memories.?

  • I didn't get a chance to respond to your first post, but I'm thinking of you too. It is very saddening to put down a family pet.

    welcome back home.

  • I'm sorry, I missed your other post and I can't go read it.  Just your signature is making me teary.




    Sorry you lost a cat, it's so hard.  I found it helps to take some time to look through pictures and just remember them and tell stories. 



    I understand not being ready (the reason I was glad we had our puppy when my older dog passed - I don't know that I could have brought myself to bring one home right away), but when you do you aren't replacing her.  You can't replace her.  If it helps, the shelters are overflowing with people surrending animals they can't afford to keep anymore.  You would be helping and probably save a life.  Not that it means much now since I know the feeling of just wanting Bella back. 



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