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I-Phone vs. Blackberry

When ever I am lucky enough to be able to get out of my phone contract I would really like, and am in desperate need of, one of these phones. I just wanted the public (aka nestie) opinion on the two, and the service providers that offer them. I would need to have access to the internet, and more importantly regular access to my email, without too much difficulty. Iphone seems to be better because of the larger screen but I think there is a new Blackberry like that too. Please help educate me! TIA!

Re: I-Phone vs. Blackberry

  • I had a Blackberry Pearl, and I went through 3 in 6 months because the screen kept going out on them.

    Now I have an iPhone and I can't imagine my life without it. 

  • Based on my experience............. 

    I had a Blackberry a couple years ago, so they may be better now.  But, I didn't really like the (lack of) user friendliness of it. 

    I just got an IPhone a month ago.  So far, LOVING it!  Especially for it's email, calendar abilities.  I have it connected to my server at work for email and calendar.  It also does HTML emails in a snap, which is new to me and great!  You can easily pull up email attachments.  The battery life is pretty crappy but to be expected for that type of phone.  I would recommend multiple chargers and/or a car charger.  The Internet is very quick.  I've used other phones with Internet...Blackberry, BlackJack, Instinct, etc.  IPhone does the best with it...since it has the easy zoom in, out, scrolling features.  You don't have to worry about getting "mobile" versions of sites b/c they all are pretty easy navigable.  I hear there is a new IPhone coming out in June so maybe they'll improve the battery by then.  So far, that is my only gripe on it.  I didn't really like the keyboard at first.......but after about 2 days I got used to it.

    I have ATT and am happy with them.  I've had a few tech and billing issues and they're always knowledgeable and quick to help in my experience.

  • I have a Blackberry Storm.  It's okay - it does everything I want it to - email, internet, etc.. its very quick, no lag time really..  I get irritated with it sometimes though, when I turn it, sometimes it takes the screen a few seconds to turn.. just stupid little things like that. 

    I hear they are coming out with a new version soon, maybe that one will be better :)

    image image
  • i had a bb for work. I hated it.  I like playing games on my friends iphone, but i find it annoying that the touch keypad is so small..i never hit the right letters. 
  • image GatorHightowers:
    i find it annoying that the touch keypad is so small..i never hit the right letters. 

    the screen calibrates itself to the most frequent user.

  • I have a Blackberry Storm.  It's the first "smart phone" that i've ever had so I may not be the best person to give advice.

    I like my phone.  It's fun to be able to get on facebook and be able to get my e-mail directly to my phone.  The issues I have with it aren't that big of a deal to me.  Sometimes it freezes up and it takes a while to get it to reboot it's self.  My husband hasn't had the best luck with his.  The corners on his don't work anymore and his battery loses charge really quickly.  He doesn't want to get one again but i'm undecided.

    If Verizon ever gets the iPhone I might try it out.  I will say though, i'm happy that Blackberry is finally coming out with some new apps.  (i'm not sure if I helped any)

  • I had a BB Pearl for about a year and after just a year the buttons were falling off and the Pearl part was getting rough to navigate with.  As far as the tools go they were ok, the screen was small so I didnt use the features I wanted to a lot.

    I got an I-Phone earlier in the month and absolutely LOVE it.  I really am happy with it and would not go back to my BB at all.

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  • I actually have (and use) both right now.  A bb for work, and an iPhone for my personal phone.

    I don't have a 3G Blackberry, just a regular one.  The bb is FAR superior to the iPhone as far as email goes -- it's easier to use, emails come in faster, etc.  Other than that, though, the iPhone wins.  The internet on the iPhone is amazing.  Oh, except that I don't love the service with AT&T (I get dropped calls ALL THE TIME).  The advantage of a bb is that you're not locked into one provider.

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  • iPhone all the way.  The Blackberry hasn't changed enough over the years IMO and the iPhone is very user friendly.  Once Verizon carries them, I just may spend the money on one.
  • I have a BB Pearl and I love it.  I love getting my email and having basic internet.  But I also have nothing to compare it to since my last phone looked something like this:



  • LOL... Wow, you and my DH had the same phone!

    Seriously, his last phone could have killed a man. I think the dinosaurs used it to call 911 when the meteor hit.

  • I have the  BB Curve and love it but I have a lot of friends who've recently switched from BB to iPhone and think the iPhone is far superior. I can't get an iPhone with Verizon.
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