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I have a customer who I'm doing some web work for.  Out of nowhere last week, he emails me the following creepy email....

"How are you? Is there anything I can do to help? You seemed like you had a lot on your plate from the sound of your voice. Want to dump some probs on me for a while, I'll carry them around for you and let you have them back when you have the time to deal with them.

Thanks for everything you do. You are the best."

Ok, the "sound of my voice" was perfectly fine on our 5 second phone conversation.

So, this kinda weirded me's weird right?  By the way, the work I'm doing for him is something he knows nothing about and therefore can't be related to the "probs" he wants to help me with.   

Today, he "drops by" unannounced, just comes in my office...thankfully I had a couple co-workers here b/c it would have been even MORE weird.  Anyway, he gets here and says "Yeah, do you have my business cards?"  I had recently ordered some new ones for him.  Emailed him MONDAY to tell him I sent them home with my boss, they're neighbors, and he REPLIED to that email so he's well aware of where his cards are and where they've been for the past 2 days.  So, then he's like oh well can you log into my webmail and print my resume for me?  I did it, but ya know..............he's totally not dressed for an interview, he has a home office which is perfectly equipped to handle printing a resume.  He was clearly stammering for something to say or a reason for being here and I truly believe he came here just to see me. 

Officially, he's done nothing wrong, but this is weird, right??! 

Re: Creep-O-Meter

  • Eww...that is really weird & it would creep me out too! Does he know that you're married?
  • He's got a crush on you. 100%.
  • That would really creep me out. Does the guy know you're married?
  • image DevonStiles:
    WEIRDO Ick!

    Ew.  This.

  • Time to put wedding photos on your desk and be less friendly to him. Just be totally professional til he gets the message.
  • Yeah, he's well aware and is always even asking about DH.  The thing is, I've been nothing but professional and if anything a little stand-offish from him b/c he's kinda given me the creeps from the get-go.  Just now, with reason.  Ick!  I'm definitely not setting up any appts with him by myself. 
  • Indifferent

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  • Weirdo!!!!!
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  • image dollfinn19:
    Yeah, he's well aware and is always even asking about DH. 

    Maybe he's asking about DH in a "i wonder if he has some terminal illness so I can swoop in  in her time of need" kind of way. CREEPER!

  • The world is full of creepy people that dont even realize they are creepy. I bet he starts stalkin you.....  ;)
  • image AustinzGirl:
    The world is full of creepy people that dont even realize they are creepy. I bet he starts stalkin you.....  ;)
      EEEEEEK!  I hope not, I'd hate to have to kick his @$$
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