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Boys are not resourceful

We have our first class reunion coming up this fall. I had previously sent our class president my contact info, but it's changed, so I let him know. He asks if I talk to anyone else in the class because he's not had much luck with responses.  With the help of my yearbook, facebook, and myspace, I was able to find 75% of the class.  I sent them all messages requesting contact info.

I'm too nice.  I'm not even sure if I'm going to our reunion.

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Re: Boys are not resourceful

  • "Boys are LAZY"
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  • Facebook and MySpace really do make this a lot easier.  I suggested it to our class president (I was Vice) and he created a page and now everything is being posted there.  It's a lot better than last time when he took out ads in our hometown paper.

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  • I was a senior class officer. Our reunion will be in 2012, and we already have a huge group on FB. Big Smile Makes life MUCH easier.
  • We've having ours in July!! We are planning on going :)
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  • I'm helping to plan my college class's reunion this June. FB is quite helpful in finding all those "long lost" friends/classmates.
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