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cat smell in basement? (xp from Buying A Home)

I thought this might be another good place to ask this question...

We looked at a great house today - one of our favorite neighborhoods and nicely updated. One negative is that the finished, carpeted basement smells like cat urine! Will we be able to fix this later or will we regret buying the house?? Keep in mind that we've been looking for over a year now and houses that we like are few and far between!! I don't think this is a deal breaker for us, but I am a little nervous...

Re: cat smell in basement? (xp from Buying A Home)

  • ugh... we moved into a friends house and they have cats @[email protected].


    Your best bet.. replace the carpet.  And clean the floor with bleach before you put the new carpet down.


    In the mean time... Baking soda works well.  Spread it across the carpet and let it sit for a few days if you can, then vacuum it off.  Arm and Hammer makes this Pet Carpet stuff (which I am fairly certian is just baking soda remarketed in a different box) that works prety well. 

  • If you make a paste out of Arm & Hammer baking soda and scrub it in with a brush and let sit for a few days (after you remove the carpet) it should get rid of the smell. May take a tiem or two.
  • White vinegar takes out much of the smell but you might have to replace the carpet. It could also be on the walls. See if you can do another walk-through at night and bring a blacklight with you. (You can pick them up at PetSmart next to the enzyme cleaners.) Hold the light 6 inches from the carpet and walls and sweep the entire place with it. The urine will glow bright white.
  • I'd plan on replacing the carpet. Don't use bleach to clean, use Nature's Miracle or baking soda. When we bought our house our [unfinished] basement spelled like cat urine. We bought baking soda from BJs and poured it onto the floor, let is sit a few days, then vacuumed it up. We also put out pie tins of charcoal. The problem is all gone now.
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  • Replace carpet AND padding.  If the cat peed, it likely soaked through the padding. 

    Until you can do that, I'd try baking soda.  NO vinegar though.  Vinegar has a smell that once in the carpet is pretty close to the odor of cat pee.  I learned that AFTER I cleaned ours with vinegar after the cat peed.   I don't know which I smell now... it drives me insane!

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