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your in-laws??

I'm curious to know how everyone's in-laws are? "awesome, cool, they're whatever, never see them, horrible, can't stand them." .......................


Re: your in-laws??

  • A constant source of entertainment.
  • MIL: very cool woman though we're different.  She single-handedly raised DH from birth with no support (financial, emotional, etc) from his dad.  I'm more city mouse & she's country mouse but we have a great time together.  She's now got a wonderful job, paid off debt, fixing her credit & having a great life.

    FIL/FIL's wife: Ugh.  FIL is basically Jimmy Buffet.  Cheated on MIL with her best friend while MIL was pg with DH.  Later married the other woman & accidentally had a kid (awesome 13yo SIL).  Openly admits he never wanted to be a parent.  FIL sold his house/business in Atlanta, bought a sailboat, drove up to Maryland, sold the car, & has been sailing ever since.  That's fine, but not when you have a jr high daughter & dog.  They later got rid of the dog.  Strangly, both have MBAs but just sail around the Carribbean & pay taxes when they feel like it.

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  • My ils and my parents are very similar.  I get along with them great, but they do annoy me at times(similar to how my own parents annoy me occasionally).
  • They're nice. ?I'm not sure that my FIL is too crazy about me, but he is nice to me, which is all I can ask for.
  • They are overall pretty nice. FFIL is a friendly guy but also has kind of a temper, and once that switch is flipped, watch out! FMIL means well but is really nosy and tries to get WAY too involved in our lives.

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  • They're great people who raised a wonderful man and who do their utmost to make me feel like a treasured daughter.  I don't get annoyed with them any more than I do my own parents, and I'm very thankful that they're a part of my life.  I'm also very thankful that they love love love babysitting their grandkids and are willing and available at almost any time to do so -- DH and I try not to take advantage of their good nature!
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  • ILs are divorced. FIL is a chauvenist who bugs us about having kids, weighs 300 pounds at 5'5", (has gained & lost 100 since I've known him), knows it all.

    MIL always has drama going on. Has RSD and has had several heart attacks/strokes. I feel bad for her on the one hand, but on the other she is really manipulative and makes very poor choices.

  • I love my FIL and one SIL & BIL.  They are very easy to talk with and we share some similar interests.  MIL and other SIL?  Yeah, it's a struggle.  I simply don't have much in common with SIL & she behaves like some of my 4th grade students even though she's 27.  MIL is the most anxious, meddlesome person I've met.  I'm learning how to deal.  So 3/5 isn't bad!
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  • My MIL is moody, idiosyncratic, stubborn, and inflexible. My FIL has pretty much lost all patience with her and they fight constantly, in front of anyone.

    FIL is pretty friendly to me, so we can converse, but it's difficult with MIL due to a language barrier. Her own sons speak to her more often than not in Japanese b/c her English is very limited.

    MIL shows no hostility toward me, but what saddens me is the blatant favoritism she's shown at DH's expense. From what I'm told she seems resentful of  DH and his twin brother. I suspect her pregnancy with them wasn't planned; she had the twins when her obvious favorite child was only 11 months old.



  • My mother in law has no clue what social cues are...therefore is a source of embarassment and annoyance.  She has no hobbies, is an only chid, and has one my sister in law and I are expected to entertain her constantly.

     My father in law is quiet and sweet. :)

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  • mine live w/ us but,95% of the time it is good. They do a lot for us and we are there for them during this rough patch of theirs.
  • My IL's are great. MIL is very sweet, she has a definite personality and we clash sometimes, but overall we get along well. And I love her! I think she's been a great mom to her sons, and I have an easier time going to her for advice than to my own mom at times.

    I like my BIL and SIL, and I look forward to spending more time with them (we live in different parts of the country). I always wanted a brother and my BIL says he always wanted a little sister!

  • my MIL is a huge piece of ***. she was a heroin addict and a prostitute in and out of jail my DH's whole life.  we hate her and she's always trying to pretend like we are best friends.  she's completely delusional
  • image Angeldcf:

    Ugh.  FIL is basically Jimmy Buffet. 

    LMAO at this comment.

    MIL/SFIL - She raised her son well and he is a great man. She can be nice, but I can only take her in small doses. She is sort of the martyr-mom, but in a "lite" version. He is a short, fat, retired insurance salesman who defines the word "cheap". Other than that, no issues with him.

    FIL/SMIL - God, I love my FIL!! I truly wish he had been my dad, or my dad had been more like him. He's smart and very kind. He actually cried at our wedding. SMIL - bit of an oddball but very nice. Her hair, makeup and nails are stuck in 1985.

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  • my MIL sometimes quite nice but most of the time very intimidating.      

  • Cool and we never see them.
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  • They are tolerable.

    She is very strong, opinionated, generous, and runs the family.

    He is very stoic.


  • My ILs are fantastic! My MIL is super chill, a really smart and nice woman. I am very lucky to have her. My FIL just remarried, so we also have a new MIL -  and I really like her as well. She's a sweet woman....but my H is a little more wary of her intentions...which I can also understand. As for my brother's choice in a wife, we don't have a relationship with my SIL or her family, which we are ok with. They're pretty much evil IMO.
  • My in-laws are OK. We have gotten along pretty well so far...
  • i love my fil! he is smart and really funny. we get along super well. He told me i was his favorite daughter in law. :)

    mil is sweet. I like her, but she is a bit high maintentance. Like if I don't call her or miss a family party she talks crap about me so i don't really trust her. And plus she has a hoarding/clutter problem, which freaks me out sometimes lol. But I've accepted that's how she is and just let her roll off my back now.

    bil and sil we don't have much of a relationship with. without getting into all the details sil is basically evil. bil is not as bad, but he can be a bully/jerk to dh. But again have realized that's how they are and i can't change that other than not deal with them.

    i love the rest of the extended family. i get along really well with his cousins and aunts and uncles. there's a couple of them who we will call and get together with.

  • wow...thats dont hear too much of that! kinda same story here too, but with no grandkids yet...they did an awesome job raising FI too =)
  • thats really nice....i understand rough patches in peoples life at times!
  • omg, im so sorry! im sure the herion has made her delusional! addicts have a hard time later in life after they've cleaned up..(she's cleaned up?) thats gotta be hard for your DH to deal with her after the life she lead! im sorry
  • lol...stuck in 1985! hilarious...i see that in some women still these days. they know its 2009 right?! i cant stand the poofy hair, bad roots, rounded or pointy acrylic nails in bright colors, tight tight jeans showing their camel toe (lol)...this is a good one! =)
  • you're lucky to have a chill MIL...not too many of those. my FMIL is a great lady...pretty awesome.....but (always a but) is a little overbearing. trying to figure out what to do when we have our own kids....we'll see =)
  • haha..another similar story to my IL's....FMIL and FFIL tell me im their "favorite daughter-in-law" FSIL is pretty bitchy, a bit of a control freak, doesnt like their son to spend too much time with the grandparents, would rather be by herself, makes stupid comments, blah blah blah..long story here too! i get along great with FI's cousins, aunts, uncles, etc...FMIL talks $hit about FSIL when shes not around, FMIL doesnt talk about me in a bad way, we just joke a lot...
  • My FIL passed away before we started dating, but I did meet him and he seemed nice and somewhat normal.

    MIL is....I can't even begin. But we don't see her often and when we do, it's dysfunctional and completely uncomfortable. I also have a BIL who is a complete loser and his wife (also loser) that I can't stand. Everyone else is tolerable at best.

    I have one SIL (DH's half-sis) who I adore, and our kids our the same age. We get along very well.

  • image ashleym909:
    haha..another similar story to my IL's....FMIL and FFIL tell me im their "favorite daughter-in-law" FSIL is pretty bitchy, a bit of a control freak, doesnt like their son to spend too much time with the grandparents, would rather be by herself, makes stupid comments, blah blah blah..long story here too! i get along great with FI's cousins, aunts, uncles, etc...FMIL talks $hit about FSIL when shes not around, FMIL doesnt talk about me in a bad way, we just joke a lot...

    well my mil also has said things to me about the other sil as well before. and then i found out she was saying things about me to her too. she is kind of catty though i've come to realize over the years, will talk about other relatives and neighbors negatively. so i try not to take it personally anymore. i did at first, but realized it just doesn't matter much. :)

    there's one aunt of dhs whom i adore. i secretly wish she was my mil. :) oh well.

  • well thats not cool...being a backstabber and $hit talker. that just causes drama! i would be upset at first like you, then guess you'd have to let it go sooner or later...i dont like to be around ppl who speak negatively rather be getting a pap smear...jk! id rather leave the room. its funny cuz the family knows how to get under your skin. its up to you take it in, then spit it back out. thats what FI's family did to me when we started dating 10 years ago..we were 16 and up unitl i was in my very early 20's was when it kinda calmed down...when they'd give me a hard time, id give it right back..but they liked it. they want to see how you can take it. so now we all still give eachother a hard time and its fun and we all laugh!

  • My FIL is a very nice man and I have a good relationship with him.

    My MIL is crazy.  I truly believe she has mental health issues and I simply avoid having contact with her.  This works well for me, but not for dh.  But that's fine.  She is his mother and he needs to learn to deal with her, not use me as a buffer.

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