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Mattress covers/pads--recommendations?


 We use a mattress cover but go through them like crazy! We are averaging buying a new one more than once a year. Is this normal? I'm not talking about pads that protect the mattress from wetness, I mean just the normal mattress cover. We haven't tried anything expensive, maybe that's where we are going wrong. LOL. The last one was a Martha Stewart one from K-Mart. Is this an item that fits the "you get what you pay for" category?


Re: Mattress covers/pads--recommendations?

  • What happens to they rip? I know I have had 2 for the past three years now...I alternate them. I am not sure how often you change them...I change my sheets once a week and change the mattress cover every other each mattress cover gets used once a month for 2 weeks at a time.

    Do you wash it by itself in the washing machine? I don't have expensive ones either....

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  • I have no idea what you're doing but that should not be happening. We've had ours since I lived at my parents house (5 years ago.)  We wash ours every other time we change the sheets (we change the sheets every week to week and a half.)  Ours is either from KMart of WalMart and wasn't expensive at all. We also bleach it.

    What exactly is happening to it that you need to replace it so often?

  • Thanks ladies! I've been washing them right in with my sheets in hot water every two wks (sheets every wk). I have not bleached them, but I do use vinegar in the wash. The pad itself is ok, it's just the part that goes down and around the sides of the mattress that shreds to pieces.

     Thanks for your posts--at least I know I'm not washing them too often or anything like that. I'll try another brand and see how it goes. I'm thankful that each of you said you don't spend a fortune on them, I won't go the high-end route just yet. :)

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