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Even though we're about 40ish miles north of St. Louis, we still felt it.  DH's alarm had gone off and I woke up as a result of that, but was trying to go back to sleep.  All of the sudden the house starts shaking, but I'm still in bed so think nothing of it.  Thought maybe it was the cat or something.  DH comes back in and asked if I felt that.  He said he thought it was an earthquake so I tried to see if the news was reporting anything and there was nothing.  Finally they came on and confirmed it.

So anyone else up at that time and feel it or get woke up by it?

Re: Earthquake

  • I didn't, but I am in St Charles.  Our dogs sleep in our room and I would think they would have woken up for that but they didn't stir.  Kinda disappointed, it would have been an interesting experience.
  • i'm in florissant (north county) and felt it. having never been in an earthquake before, i didn't really know what was going on. so i just stayed in bed, waited to make sure everything was okay, then went back to sleep. crazy sh!t really. especially since the epicenter was so far away.
  • annekannek member
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    I felt it! Crazy stuff!
  • I felt it, and I'm in St. Charles. I thought I was dreaming!
  • I live in St. Peters and I must have felt it on some level because I was dreaming I was in an earthquake.  I was slightly awake and still felt shaking but I figured my husband was stomping his way to the bathroom or something.
    It wasn't till he was at work and he called and told me that news that it all made sense. 
  • I felt it and it even woke up DH who is a sound sleeper.  Our house was shaking and I was worried that this metal thing over our bed would fall on us.  I knew I wouldn't be able to fall asleep unless I found out for sure if it was an earthquake so I got up and tried looking online.  I didn't find anything up yet so I went back to bed.  Oh and I live in Arnold.
  • Looks like we just had an aftershock...but it could have been just our building.  lol
  • They say that animals can be more sensitive than humans.  Some people even claim that animals can tell when one is coming because of very minute electrical changes.  That being said, our dogs were clueless this morning.  They did take a little longer to settle down last night, but the only reason they woke up this morning is because we did.  I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight!
  • I live in Arnold and I woke up this morning with my husband and the room actually shook and pictures rattles on our walls.  And the sound our apartment building made sounded like someone was rolling marbles across our ceiling.  Having grown up in Jefferson County, immediately I thought, Oh no, a meth lab must have exploded somewhere close.  My husband said, "No, I think that was an Earthquake."  I was skeptic, but it is true.  I felt the aftershock in my building at work in Kirkwood too!  Although my parents in Cedar Hill didn't feel a thing.
  • i must be a really sound sleeper, because i didn't feel a thing.  I'm in Fenton and my babysitter is also in fenton and it actually knocked a little morter off her brick in the front of her house.  crazy!! My DH was actually on his way to work at that time and didn't feel a thing either. 
    ****My boys....****
  • MandE, I'm cracking up at the meth lab thing.

    I grew up around a lot of coal mines.

    I was actually laying in bed reading (I work 2nd shift and am a night owl) and at first I thought it was a large truck idling, but didn't hear anything. My 2nd thought was try to try to think if there were mines nearby that they could be blasting at.

    Then I thought earthquake but dismissed it. I had JUST been talking about earthquakes with some friends a couple of days ago, so I thought I was just being stupid.

    When my ceiling fan starting rocking and all the shelves started rattling, I jumped up and got in a doorway. That's when my dog woke up and came barrelling in barking then just sat and stared at me.

    (I"m in Fairview Heights, IL, for the record.)

    I was asleep when the aftershock hit.. it woke me up, too.


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