Tucson Nesties
Dear Community,

Our tech team has launched updates to The Nest today. As a result of these updates, members of the Nest Community will need to change their password in order to continue participating in the community. In addition, The Nest community member's avatars will be replaced with generic default avatars. If you wish to revert to your original avatar, you will need to re-upload it via The Nest.

If you have questions about this, please email [email protected]

Thank you.

Note: This only affects The Nest's community members and will not affect members on The Bump or The Knot.

Changes to The Nest Message Boards

Many of you have asked questions and given us feedback regarding the changes made to The Nest Local Boards, so we just wanted to clarify some things.

-We are working on enlarging the font size so that the posts and usernames will be easier to read. 

-The posts will return to the original order, rather than having popular posts bumped to the top.

-The email feature will be removed, but you will still be able to send private messages.  Please note that currently, when someone emails you, they do not see your email address? but you do see theirs when you receive an email sent via The Nest.

-The points system is based on several things: How many posts you make, how many replies you submit, how often you rate posts and your blog and photo gallery entries.  Basically it reflects how active you are on The Nest.  Once we see how the points are being distributed, we?ll post the exact values for different actions, but for now we?re just testing this new feature.

-The Newbie badge means that you?ve made less than 500 posts in our new forums area (but it does include the posts made on the old local boards that were moved to the new ones).  There are different levels of posting so if you continue to post on your local board you?ll quickly advance to a new level.

-The links on the left side only show local boards for now, but when we eventually modify the national boards to take on the new format, all links will appear (with national boards at the top).

-Also, we?re working to import your ?Nesticles? to the new boards, so all will not be lost. We know you?ve worked hard for those and you?ll still have them when all the boards are moved over.

We hope this helps.  We are working on further improvements in response to your comments which will be announced soon and we want to make all the improvements you have suggested before we launch this new format anywhere else.

If you are curious as to what all the new features are, check out this post which gives a good summary from Nestie NDLauren on the new features: http://community.thenest.com/cs/ks/forums/thread/364551.aspx

Feel free to reply with additional feedback!

-Knot Anni

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