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Looking for hotel recs

Hi gals

I'm sending my DH and his friend to see a Cardnials game (his favorite team) for his birthday in July. I want to reserve a hotel near the ballpark. Any recomendations. They will only be in town for the night, so nothing too overpriced please.. They will probably have had too many beers to even remember the quality of the hotel. Any Recomendations...

Re: Looking for hotel recs

  • i think any of the hotels downtown might be a bit pricey... especially in the summer when the Cards are in town... BUT, here are a couple that i can think of w/in walking distance of the stadium....

     Adam's Mark Hotel

    Drury Inn

    The Hyatt at Union Station

    You might also try a couple of the hotels a little further west on Jefferson, they may be a little cheaper.  It COULD be in walking distance, it's a haul, but we've walked to the stadium before from there.  I can't think of the 2 hotels, but hopefully someone else will post.  I think one might be the Hampton Inn and another is connected to Sybergs Restaurant. 

    That will be a great trip! Sorry I'm not more help!

    ****My boys....****
  • i just realized that i told you the wrong street.  The other 2 hotels are west on Market, not Jefferson.  They are basically at the corner of Market and Jefferson.  Market runs east and west, Jefferson runs north and south.

    have a great time!

    ****My boys....****
  • don't know if you've already purchased the tickets, but both the hilton ballpark and the westin st louis have "baseball weekend" packages that include a room, tickets, and sometimes meals.

    that said, the westin is directly across the street from the ballpark. and the hilton ballpark is super close, too. those are both among the closest - walking distance-wise. hth?

  • The past couple of games we've gone to, we've stayed at the Drury Plaza.  Not sure what time the game will be when they go, but that hotel has like a free happy hour from 5 to 7 I believe.  You're supposed to only get two drinks, but there were people always giving their drink tickets away.

    The rooms were very comfy too.  And not too bad of a price.  We booked through their website, but I'm sure you could find a much cheaper rate through one of the discount sites too.  HTH

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