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Anyone watch BB9? (Spoilers)

Ugh, this show is so infuriating.  It is my guilty pleasure and every summer and now the winter I get soooo mad when the players make a seriously stupid move.  Obviously Ryan and Adam need to get rid of Sharon.  Why would you want to keep someone who has 3 guaranteed jury votes over someone who barely has 1?!?  The most recent news is that they are going to split the vote tonight to tick off Shelia so she has the "blood on her hands" but goodness, just get rid of Sharon, that will tick Shelia off enough. 

I swear I would suck at this game b/c I am a terrible liar but as far as strategy I would have it in the bag.  You obviously keep your alliance until the end and then everyone for themselves.  If R & A get rid of Natalie they deserve to lose to Sharon.

 OK, I am done venting about lame-o reality TV.

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Re: Anyone watch BB9? (Spoilers)

  • I can see both sides.  I think Ryan needs to keep Natalie, but I could see Adam's point in not keeping her.  If Natalie goes, Adam only has to compete against Shelia, Sharon, and Ryan in Hoh's and vetoes.  He probably can't beat Natalie in an endurance challenge, but he maybe can beat the others.  Also, I think if Ryan and Adam are the final two, Adam would win.  I think Ryan's only chance at winning would be to go up against Natalie in the Final 2.  I also think that it will be easier for them to get rid of Sharon next week and harder to get rid of Natalie next week because Natalie is supposedly better at challenges.  I don't think they realize that Sharon has been throwing the competitions.  But who knows, maybe Sharon really is that bad at comps.  I think the jury votes will be interesting, but I think Ryan is definitely screwing himself this week because at this point, the only way Ryan could win is against Natalie.  But then again, if he gets rid of Sharon this week, he loses Sheila's jury vote.  So, he is in a bad spot no matter what.  I will be shocked if he wins.

     Okay.  That was a novel. 

  • I see your point, but I think anyone who goes up against Natalie in final 2 will win.  Everyone in sequester hates her except Matt (who from his last interview wants her to win just so she could buy him something).  I just think it would be advantageous to keep Natalie to the end for everyone.  Shelia just doesn't like her which is why Shelia wants Natalie gone.  I just don't see the reasoning in keeping someone who already has 3 votes....I mean one more and Sharon wins. 

     I also think it is mighty crappy of Shelia to kick Natalie out when Nat practically gave her HoH so she could get a letter from home.  My husband hates that I am so into this show, but I cannot help it.  It's addictive I tell you.

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  • I admit I like Sharon. I think what Ryan and Adam did was stupid (they should have just gotten rid of her) but Natalie also made a huge mistake so Shelia did what she had to do.

     Oh and that hoh contest was a load of bull.

  • Natalie's mistake is that she couldn't keep her mouth shut.  I mean, stop all the talking behind people's backs and put everything out on the table.  I think the whole "house meeting" thing was to make Natalie say she was loyal to the boys and going after Shelia so that when they did split the vote shelia had a good excuse to get rid of Natalie.  They practically gave Shelia the reason she needed to evict Nat. 

    Honestly, I didn't want Natalie to win, but I hate "backdooring."  Even James said that being backdoored sucks, and I was happy to see him make some peace with Matt.  I loved, loved that he made Chelsia feel like an idiot for her exit speech.  That speech was class-less and tacky and she should have known that it would hurt the games of the others in her group. 

    My whole point was that if they would have kept Nat they would have guaranteed themselves final 3, now with PoV winner controlling the vote, Adam could very well leave.  I would like Sharon to win, just b/c the boys made such a dunderhead move, it would serve them right! 

    OK...I M-U-S-T get a life!  

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  • The group meeting was so stupid.  Now Sheila doesn't have any blood on her hands.  If they would have split the vote or evicted her 2-0 and not had the meeting, then if either one of them made final 2 they could have told Nat that Sharon/Sheila told them Nat was in an all girl alliance and they got scared so they decided to vote her out.  Then Nat would still be mad a Sheila/Sharon.  But, Nat told Sheila she would nominate her so Sheila didn't have a choice once the vote was split.  That was so stupid.

    And the producers totally rigged HOH.  Had Ryan or Adam been in the lead, then the answer to the final question would have been Fiction.  Julie Chen is so stupid she had to pause for a good 30 seconds and find out what the producers wanted her to say.  That really annoyed me.

  • I KNOW!! When Julia paused I turned to my husband and was like 'this is not going to go well'

    Such B.S.

  • Oh yeah totally rigged.  And how dumb....the guinea pigs?!?  A couple?!?  WTF!  But what do you expect, they rigged almost the whole season last year. 
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