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SJ Squishies Monday Check-In

Good morning!  Here are our previous goals, please let me know if you need to change or update yours:

CoolMoD: drop to around 125 (short-term goal: keep up with C25k, and find something for the off days that I'll actually do)
SunfireJade: 190 or a size 10/12 (short-term goal: less harmful snacking)
mrsbam0602: drop 40 lbs or at least 3 pant sizes
ethansbride2b: drop to 125 (short-term goal: eat more chicken, veggies, and healthy lunches)
KookasGirl: run 20 minutes/3x & detox from the weekend
Panda53321: size 6 w/ no muffin top
12305: short-term: 145; long-term: 130
ScorpioWifey77: drop about 30 lbs, or size 8 jeans
mccomb2b: 5k by July 4th, size 6 jeans
6ft2bride: size 16, gym 3x/week, eating more fruits & veggies
PattiNRayNJ: fit into the size 18 AE jeans
TimsWife05: gain 5-10 lbs & lose the mommy tummy, eat a more balanced diet, maintain a regular exercise program (short-term goal: find an exercise she likes to do)
IHeartRobot: short-term: 136 & size 4; long-term: 120-125 & size 2
jersangl: lose 5 lbs, tone up, gym 3x/week
jassabahx: drop to 110, 3x/week w/ trainer, every other day in gym

Welcome to our newest members!

browniemiss: drop to 150 lbs or a comfortable size 12
sallyshazbar: lose 15 lbs & fit back into her grad school jeans
soontobethemrs.: fit into a size 8

As the weather gets warmer, the more we have events and celebrations that involve lots of food -- good luck everyone, keep up the good work and the willpower!

Re: SJ Squishies Monday Check-In

  • Well Easter Sunday and Monday I fell off the wagon big time, overall this month I actually gained a pound.  Tuesday through today I have been doing GREAT and I'm so proud of myself with eating healthy and drinking more water. 

    For snacks I've been eating: Grapes, baby carrots and cauliflower dipped in Kraft triple cheese ranch low fat dressing, or low fat triscuits (7) with  The Laughing Cow light Garlic & Herb flavored cheese (35 calories, 2 grams of fat).

    I met my short term goal to eat healthy this week and my goal this week is to continue doing the same.
  • I've maintained the lost pound from last week and did much better with the snacking, helps that we had lots of snack size veggies and what not.  This week I'm going to build a routine with DH for work, dog, gym and dinner so we can squeeze in the must needed gym time.
  • hi i live in delran, nj, and was wondering how i could get involved?
  • Down .5 lbs.  I made DH take those darn girl scout cookies to his work today to get them out of the house.  I can't deal with having that stuff in the house.  My confession is that I ate too many of them this past week.  BUT I can see a difference in my body - the belly is getting flatter and I have more endurance during my exercises.
  • AlmostMrsZ - just come up with your goals that you would like to meet (short term or long term) and let CoolMoD know.  She does a weekly check-in on Mondays.
  • i have not been on the wagon for awhile.  I am starting to get my motivation again.  I am going food shopping today and will be getting lots of good snacks.  I am eating salads everytime I go out to dinner for my entree, so I guess that is an improvement!  I have not been to the gym at all, I am going to change that this week!  I looked at the c25k thing and am considering trying it.  Gotta listen to the podcast to see where I can fit it in.  I do want to start rollerblading though!
  • I was bad this weekend.  :(  I don't even want to weigh myself.  Let's just say that health insurance woes (I have great insurance, they just try to get out of covering everything) has caused me to have a drink or two to de-stress.  That and my husband is horrible influence with the carbs and the cheese.  My willpower if waning as I lose control of everything else. 
  • I did well with C25K.  I completed week 3 and might try week 4 tonight. 

    I did not do well with my eating this week.  Between DH's b-day Saturday and the 1st b-day party for his cousins yesterday, it was a calorie fest!  I am working on making better choices this week.  I'm also joining SunfireJade's organic co-op group next week, so that should help me make better choices.
  • Thanks for including me.  I was going to run today, but it is raining.  Have plans to walk with friends tomorrow.  I weighed myself this am, and plan to weigh myself every Monday. 
  • Well, I have lost 1 pound.  39 to go...

    One of my other goals was to drink more water.  I am doing good with that most days, but some days I just don't out of laziness I guess.

    We are still doing week 1 of C25k.  After tonight's workout and one more workout we will move to week 2.  I am just afraid of moving on too fast and then not being able to do it and then giving up.  LOL I need to lighten up.

    Expecting Baby #1 12/3/13
  •  No weight loss yet. I went to the gym 4 days in a row last week so that was a huge accomplishment. I have been eating healthier but snacking way too much, especially after dinner.

    I went back to work today (spring break last week) which should help keep the calories down. When I'm at work I barely eat because I'm so busybusybusy. When I'm at home, all I think about is food, especially when I'm trying to cut calories.
  • Today is the first day I am starting to get back on track. I had decent meals, could have eliminated the chocolate cheesecake, but everything else was pretty good. I also went to the gym for once and ran 1 mile. It's a start!
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