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C25K-1; mccomb2b-0

Holy cow!  I've been beaten.  Week 4 is incredible.  Two five minute and two 3 minute jogging sessions?  With minimal walking in between?  Are they trying to kill me?  LOL

It's gotten progressively harder (and I expected it to) but it seems like it was such a big jump from last week.  I barely made it through and thought I might have to be scraped up off of the gym floor! 

OK...that's enough.  I don't want to scare anyone off!!  ;)

Re: C25K-1; mccomb2b-0

  • lol awww, hang in there, it DOES get easier!!! Plus as a runner you will (and are) finding out that some days are better and easier than others :) I think it depends on how much rest you get, the weather, what you ate, etc. Some days I feel like i could go on forever, others I feel like im pushing myself to do a few miles!


    Hang in there, it will get better once your body gets more used to it! In the mean time CONGRATS AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO


  • Wish me luck -- I starting the C25K in 1hr and 15mins.
    I am hoping that I can do it... I have really let myself go and haven't ran any measurable distance since DD was born over 2 years ago!
  • i can't believe you are already at week 4!!  it WILL get easier, and you've made a lot of progress since you started.    Just focus on the little steps, not the big picture.

  • I just did my first week 2 tonight!  The podcast really helps though!!  Wow....I can't believe you're already at week 4!  Keep it up!
  • Ditto blueyedgirl.  Some days seem much harder than others and maybe today was one of those days for you.  I am dreading having to do that next week though.  I was surprised at how easy Week 3 was today.
  • You barely made it through, but you did make it!  Remember that. It's a huge accomplishment!  Great job!
  • Thanks for your encouragement, everyone!   I didn't realize it would get that much harder so quickly.  I think it was just a bad day since I had to be in work early and didn't sleep well Sunday night, etc.  Tomorrow's another day!!!
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