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Any UVerse subscribers?

We have been fed up with Comcast (our only cable choice in our neighborhood) for a while and have started investigating AT&T UVerse for phone/cable/internet. I was hoping for some feedback from others who use it. We have 2 friends who have it, but one is a UVerse employee, so not exactly an unbiased source, and the other has fiber-optic cable in his house, so we're guessing that his internet speeds are a tad bit faster than what we would end up with.

So if you have UVerse, have you been satisfied with its performance? How was the installation? Do you feel that the price is fair?


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Re: Any UVerse subscribers?

  • We have Uverse for our cable and internet.  We just use our cell phones so we do not have a home phone.

    I really like it.  We RARELY have issues.  We have had Uverse for about 8 months and they have had to come out once since installation.  And actually I think that was because a neighbor had cable installed and caused a problem with our lines or something.  

    We used to have time warner and they were coming out to fix things like once every 2 months.  It was ridiculous.  

    As far as speed of our internet, it's great for us.  We don't do much more than e-mail, message boards, and occasional yahoo games so I don't know what kind of speed you might actually be looking for.

    And the price is great...compared to time warner anyway.  We were paying about $110 at time warner (digital cable with DVR and internet).  We are now paying like $70 for the same package.  Totally fair to us! :)

     HTH, sorry so long.

  • Thanks! That does help. I'm glad to know it's gone smoothly for you; we seem to be having more and more frequent internet outages and it's really getting irritating. The price UVerse is running now seems to be good, a bit cheaper than what we're paying Comcast for our cable/internet and AT&T for phone, and the special includes digital cable & a DVR, which we don't have right now. We need to check out what the regular price is after the special period expires.
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  • We use AT&T UVerse and so far it's been great!  The only problem we've had was the billing issue... they said we would get our package for $97 a month, and we got our first bill and it was almost $300!  They said they charged us for the month of installation and the next month since they bill you at the first of each month... it would've been nice to know when we first signed up.  They also charged us $125 for our package that was supposed to be $97.  My fiance called them and they fixed everything though, and we get HBO for 2 months free... so I guess thats nice. :)  Other than that, it's been great.
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